What are the characteristics of an ectomorph body?

What does ectomorph body type mean? Why Ectomorphs have the best body type?
  1. They are naturally slim

    Ectomorphs are naturally slim. They remain relatively slim no matter how much food they eat or the types of food they consume. While ectomorphs can accumulate fats, their body’s ability to do so is still much lower than others.

  2. They have a fast metabolic rate

    Ectomorphs burn calories fast, their hair usually grow long fast and they hardly gain weight as a result.

  3. They have a harder time developing muscles

    Ectomorphs develop muscles at a slower rate than other body types because of their high calorie burning rate.

  4. They have long limbs

    Ectomorphs usually have long limbs compared to someone of their same size.

  5. They have small joints and bones

    Ectomorphs usually have small joints and bones. As a result, their overall body looks small.

  6. Their nervous system is more powerful

    Some people believe that Ectomorphs have a more powerful nervous system and that they are more likely to become emotionally sensitive than others.

  7. They have smaller muscles

    Ectomorphs have smaller muscles than others unless they exercise regularly.

  8. They have a thin wrist and leg

    The most common sign of an ectomorph is his thin leg and wrist compared to others of his same age. (See What are the characteristics of a Type A personality?)

  9. Their frames are narrow

    Ectomorphs have slim shoulders, chest and hips.

  10. They appear taller

    Because of their ruler-shaped-body, ectomorphs appear to be taller than they are.

  11. They are more sensitive to temperature changes

    Ectomorphs are more sensitive to temperature changes because their bodies don’t have enough muscles and fat. Ectomorphs are usually the first people to complain about the temperature.

  12. They lose weight very easily

    Ectomorphs can lose weight very fast if they started doing extra activities or if they changed their eating habits.

  13. Can be hyperactive

    Ectomorphs can sometimes be hyperactive due to their fast metabolism and fast energy burning rate.

  14. Low body fat

    Ectomorphs have very low body fat compared to Mesmorphs or Endomorphs.

  15. They can get very emotional

    Ectomorphs can get very emotional sometimes because of their overly active nervous system. They usually experience things in an intense way and are more likely to get emotionally affected than the other body types. (See What are the characteristics of a mesomorph body type?)

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