What are the benefits of studying Biology?

What are the advantages of Biology as a subject? What are the benefits of studying Biology?

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  1. 1 Provide direct benefit to many industries

    Biology is a broad science that can be used in many industries such as genetics, bio-chemistry, bio-technology, medicine and some industrial applications.

  2. 2 Understanding the big picture

    Biology helps the person see the big picture on the planet, as he understands how everything in the environment is connected and how the effect on one area can affect other areas.

  3. 3 Solve many social and economic problems

    Biology can help a person solve many of the social and economic problems the world is facing such as shortage in crops or climate change.

  4. 4 Curing common diseases

    When you study biology, you will learn about living organisms and the different diseases that could affect them. You could work as a researcher and help combat one of the popular diseases.

  5. 5 Improving human health

    Biologists conduct studies and experiments that could help humans have better health or live longer. You will get the chance to help humans have better health.

  6. 6 Solving environmental problems

    Biologists are the ones who solve many of the environmental problems and the ones that threaten natural resources, plants and wildlife.

  7. 7 Get a better understanding of living beings

    Biology will give you a much better understanding of the different livings beings, including humans, and how they interact with their environment. Those insights could lead to many benefits, including having better health.

  8. 8 Maintain a healthy ecology

    Some Biologists work with the goal of helping to maintain a healthy ecology on the planet. This helps humans live better, prevent animals from going extinct and provides a better environment for growing crops.

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