What are Student Dormitories?

What is a Dormitory? What does a Dorm look like, and What are Luxury Dorms? What is the Cost of a Dorm Room? Why can moving to a dorm can be useful? What should you consider before deciding to move into a Dorm?

Did you know that the first school was invented by the rulers Yao and Shun in China, and the education system was developed in 2076–1600 BC during the Xia Dynasty in China? While discussion about education and school is a vast topic, however, have any of you stayed in student dormitories or a dormitory house? Do you know what are student dormitories, or what does a dorm look like? If not, then you are at the right place. In this blog post, you will also learn about luxury dorms and the facts about the average dorm for rent.

1. What are Student Dormitories?

A building that provides residential and sleeping quarters for numerous people is known as dormitories. Boarding schools and hostels are all forms of dormitories. However, a room with several beds for accommodating many people (not students) can also be called a dormitory. In short, it is called a dorm. (See 23 Best Modular Homes)

2. What is a Dormitory House?

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The term house here is referred to the building that has dorm rooms. Basically, a dormitory house is for people belonging to a religious community or kids (students) of the same community. For example, the dorm houses for nuns and girls undergoing the process of becoming nuns are restricted for their use only. These houses have facilities like bathrooms, gardens (small or large), corridors, etc. These facilities are dependent on the size of the dorm house. Must read about the Outhouse Design.

3. What does a Dorm look like?

Dorms look similar to a building with several floors, but they can also look like an old Britain or European country house – large and spacious with lots of rooms. In both cases, the rooms are not very spacious because they are filled with beds (2 to 4), desks (as per required by students), closets, and some other furniture like chairs, stools, and tables. Some dorm houses provide the facility of an attached bathroom with each room while most of them do not have any such amenity. (See 20 Best Mobile Home Manufacturers in US)

4. What are Luxury Dorms?

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Now that you understand what are student dormitories, let’s move forward. Some dorms are located far from the universities and offer some extra amenities like a bar or recreational room and internet connection. These types of dormitories are known as luxury dorms. Some catered halls may offer a subscription as it charges for the meals they provide. These dorms have basic kitchen facilities available for kids after catering hours to meet their untimely hunger. (See 16 Best Luxury Manufactured Homes)

5. How much does a Dorm for Rent cost?

According to a survey done by College Data during the academic year 2019-2021, the average cost of renting a dorm room and board for a public school was $11,500. For a private college, it was $12,900. (See How much does a Modular Home Cost?)

6. Which Factors should be considered while deciding on a Dorm?

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It is not a piece of cake to rent a dorm and begin living in it during your college years. If you are planning to live or rent a dorm room, consider the following points as a guide.

  • Consider the cost of various dorms and the amenities offered by them at the corresponding price range before selecting. Also, check out What is the Manufactured Home Installation Cost?
  • Does your student loan cover the cost of a dormitory or not? If yes, then it is fine. But if your student loan is not covering the rent, then it may add an extra burden on you.
  • Consider and compare the rent prices of the dorm rooms and a rental room in the nearby neighborhood. Sometimes a rental room, that is a little far from the campus, can be cheaper than the campus dorms. What are student dormitories if they are insanely expensive?
  • A dorm room offers you a higher chance of getting more social. Although, taking it as the only reason for shifting there may not be a wise decision.
  • Decide your priorities, whether you want to be independent and live a free life in the dorm, or you are happy with your home life. This option pops up when your house is near your campus. So, decide wisely because staying at home will help you save money. (See Why do some students dropout of school?)

7. Why should you prefer a Student Dorm?

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Leaving home means leaving your comfort zone, but it is said that in order to reach somewhere, you have to start moving. Well, if you did not find anything useful yet, then take a look at the benefits of staying at a student dorm:

  • You can get help instantly from your batch mate staying in the dorm.
  • You will always have someone to talk to and share whatever you have in your mind.
  • You will become self-dependent because while you are living away from your family, you have to learn to do your chores yourself.
  • You will get a chance to make some good friends, out of which some may become your lifetime friends.
  • You will not have to rush to college for early morning classes because your dorm will be near it. (See 20 Reasons Why Students should not Wear Uniforms)

So, what are student dormitories and what does a dorm look like should be pretty much clear to you. Now, you can decide whether you want a dorm for rent or not – if yes, which dormitory house you should select. And the rest are the luxury dorms, which can also be an option if you want some extra leverage and amenities. Do share with your friends and family members about student dormitories. (Also read 10 Facts About Motorized Single Wheel)

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