What are Food that Start with the Letter X?

Which food starts with the letter ‘X’? Xigua, Ximenia, Xinomavro grapes, Xoconostle, Xylocarp Cupcakes, Ximenia Caffra, Xocolati, Xalapa, Xiangcaojing.
What are Food that Start with the Letter X?
  1. Are there any foods that start with the letter X?

    Astonishingly, not just one, but there are ample produces that start with the letter X. Although foods beginning with X are not very common, you can find them in this article.

  2. What foods start with the letter X?

    1) Xigua (Watermelon)

    2) Ximenia (bush that produces a small fruit)

    3) Xinomavro grapes

    4) Xoconostle (Fruit of the Central Mexican species of the prickly pear cactus)

    5) Xylocarp Cupcakes

    6) Ximenia Caffra (African plum)

    7) Xoi (a type of rice usually eaten in Vietnam)

    8) Xocolati (Chocolate formed from Cocao)

    9) Xanthia (Cocktail made with yellow charteuse, cherry Brandi, and gin)

    10) Xnipec (Type of salsa found in Mexico)

    11) Xouba (sardine-like fish found near Spain)

    12) Xavier Steak and Soup

    13) Xanthan Gum (used as an alternate of gluten and derived from the fermentation of corn sugar)

    14) Xingren Donfu (Renowned desert found in China)

    15) Xiangcaojing (Type of Vanilla extract found in china, Vietnam, and some other countries)

    16) Xalapa (Seasonal drink made out of brandy, rum, red wine, black tea, and heated orange rinds)

    17) Xocalatl (Aztec chocolate drink based on hot chocolate)

    2.18) Xia Mi (Rice Shrimp- although they do not contain any rice)

    19) Xo Sauce (Spicy seafood sauce originated from Cantonese cuisine)

    20) Xocolati (It is chocolate, which was used to classify the cacao beverage that is now called Hot Chocolate)

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