What are Examples of Cultural Backgrounds?

How do you define Culture in your Own Words? What is a Person’s Cultural Background? What is meant by Ethnic Background? What are Examples of Ethnicity?
JAN23 What are Examples of Cultural Backgrounds?

You would have come across various cultures while traveling or meeting different people. This is due to the cultural background of the individual. Let’s see what are examples of cultural backgrounds. There are many sorts of family cultural background examples that depend on the origin and country of the person. Such examples are discussed below in detail. Continue reading.

1. How do you define Culture in Your Own Words?

The common beliefs, values, communication, practices, and language shared by the people collectively define the culture, i.e., a diverse set of social life aspects largely refer to culture. It is different from a society’s economic and social structure but is related to them. The knowledge of individuals, experiences and common sense also added to the culture. (See What is a Community?)

2. What does Cultural Background mean?

Cultural background refers to the religion, race, gender, and language of which a person has been a member since birth. The elements build the cultural background, like racial background. Examples of cultural backgrounds include a person’s race, which can be defined by an individual’s biological or social-political construction.

3. What is a Person’s Cultural Background? Describe Your Cultural Background

A person is brought up in a particular environment. Such surroundings of a person refer to the cultural background. It influences the person’s life and is responsible for an individual’s race, social, economic status, and ethnicity. Some cultural background examples are people’s language, gender, religion, hobbies, and traditional groups. All these factors are responsible for the cultural background of that individual. (See How is Culture Transmitted from One Generation to Another?)

4. What are Examples of Cultural Backgrounds?

Examples of cultural backgrounds are:

  • Indians: Indian people are enthusiastic about celebrating different occasions, being friendly, and welcoming to guests.
  • American: People from the United States or immigrants are hard-working. This culture emphasizes self-reliance.
  • Australian: These people are sports lovers and talkative and are seen with a casual demeanor.
  • Brazilian: They are friendly and passionate with a sensitive nature.
  • Chinese: They are friendly and family oriented, willing to serve others but short-tempered.
  • French: They are direct and efficient and value punctuality.  Must read about the 8 Quinceañera History Facts.

5. List Family Cultural Background Examples

Family cultural background examples are:

  • Faithful: These families are religious and traditional. These families take cues from the religious community and work as a strong moral compass.
  • Engaged Progressive: This family has a sense of personal responsibility and freedom.
  • American Dreamer: This family culture is mostly observed in the people of the United States who are optimistic about the opportunities available for individuals in this culture.

So, in short, family cultural background examples are also the morals, rules, words, expressions, and behavior of the people such as their religion and events are also included in the culture. Also, check out what is a family function?

6. What is meant by Ethnic Background? What is Another Word for Ethnic Background?

Ethnic background refers to the ethnicity different from a person’s nationality. Ethnicity is a formation of the history of ancestors and heritage. For a successful business, knowing family cultural background and examples of a person’s original identity is important by recognizing their historical values and customs. Ethnicity is another word for ethnic background. (See What is the Purpose of Society?)

7. What are Examples of Ethnicity?

JAN23 What are Examples of Cultural Backgrounds?

Examples of ethnicity are as follows:

  • African-American: Such people in the United States of America form a unique ethnic group contributing to spiritual music and entertainment all over the world.
  • Afrikaners: Afrikaners are the people of an ethnic group in South Africa. Their tradition and language are a combination of Indonesia and the Dutch language.
  • Arabs: Arabs are people originating from the Arabian Peninsula, making a population of 400 million in the world. They use the Arabian alphabet forming a different language, and Islam as the religion.
  • Tamil People: These people live in Tamil Nadu, a state in southern India and the Northern part of Sri Lanka. They use the Tamil language, and Bharatnatyam is the followed classical form of dance.
  • Tibetan: These are the people who form an ethnic group in the Tibetan Plateau region of Asia that follow the religion of Buddhism and are authorized by throat singing.
  • Yamato People: They live on the Honshu Island of Japan and form an ethnic group in the East Asian region. (See What time Hanukkah Candlelight to be Lit?)
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