What are 10 Examples of Wants?

What are the Wants of a Child? What is a Want in Business? What are the Types of Family Wants? What are Some Wants and Needs in Life?

What do you want? Do you essentially get a grasp of everything that you want? What are 10 examples of wants? I would say that the wants of a person can go from an object of no significant value to one that they cannot afford. Something that needs to be clear is an understanding of things you want vs things you need, which is not an easy task. Once you get the importance of doing so and know types of family wants and yours, life will be much easier to live.

1. What are the Wants of a Person?

A sense of comfort and luxury gives you an option to be able to live without the worry of not having anything. The wants change according to the external and internal factors of an individual. External factors could include society, trends, and culture whereas the internal factors consist of likes and dislikes, personality, and desires. (See What do you want in your life?)

2. What are 10 Examples of Wants?

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The wants of a person depend on personality, likes, society, and desires. The answer to what are 10 examples of wants are as follows: –

  • New edition of electronics,
  • Branded outfits,
  • Fast foods,
  • Concerts and parties,
  • Subscriptions and memberships,
  • Expensive automobiles,
  • Drinks and drugs,
  • Foreign trips,
  • Freebies, and
  • Accessories.  (See How do I Learn to Love Myself?)

3. What are the Wants of a Child?

Children are much less complex as compared to grown-up individuals. Their wants are generally a reflection of what they see around them. These are quite different to what are 10 examples of wants of an adult. You might have seen kids throwing tantrums if they are not bought toys or chocolates, for instance. But apart from these kids may also want undivided attention from their parents or friends and unconditional love even though it might not always be the case. (See Importance of Books in Our Life)

4. What is a Want in Business?

The aspiration and desire for a business to grow, profit and make it big is a want that business people yearn for. Business-minded individuals would want to see their business boom, by getting more customers and profit. (See How to choose a business partner?)

5. What are Family Wants?

Families are a collective unit of individuals who look after each other. There are many aspects and things that a family might want. Firstly, a family would want to be respected by others. They want to be valued, each member for the other so they can walk with their heads held high. (See Why some people don’t like family gatherings?)

6. What are the Types of Family Wants?

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The types of family wants are very different from what are 10 examples of wants and can be divided into two.

  • First is the material wants which consist of materialistic items that the family wants to possess. This is not for the well-being of the family but for comfort and luxury and includes an expensive car and a big house among others.
  • Second are the social wants in which the family wants to have validation from society about them in terms of respect, value, and power. (See 10 Golden Rules of Life)

7. What are the List of Needs and Wants?

The list is between things you want vs things you need and these can be a subset of what are 10 examples of wants. When buying something take time to think about it, is it a want or a need? Getting something as a necessity and as a luxury are two poles of a globe. Some needs that are basic to humans are food, water, shelter, and communication but when these become more than our essentials and we want that for our comfort only, then these reach out to be our wants. (See What kind of information do you need?)

8. What are Some Wants and Needs in Life?

Needs are what are crucial for you to survive, like the air we breathe and the water that we drink. Wants on the other hand are what will make our lives easier and much more comfortable. An AC when a fan is enough is an example of a want and a need. (See Why is Philosophy important Today?)

9. What are 5 Examples Needs and Wants?

It is very easy to forget the line between a need and a want, let’s look at a few examples to understand it better:

10. What are Examples of Things you Want vs Things you Need?

The things you need are what you cannot live without and which have an impact on your way of living whereas the things you want are for the satisfaction of your desires and aspirations. Some examples of things you want vs things you need are:

11. Is Money Need or Want?

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Money is definitely a need as there is nothing that happens without it. To fulfill a need, there has to be money. A tendency to earn a lot of money to be able to afford everything you dream of it puts it in the category of wanting money. (See Who invented paper money?)

12. Are Clothes a Need or Want?

There is a thin thread that differentiates between clothes being a need and a want. Essentially clothes are a need for us human beings but once it goes beyond the designated job of being a protective layer over the body it becomes the wants of a person. Branded clothes are an example of a want.

This article talked about what are 10 examples of wants alongside comparing them with needs. As discussed, the wants of a person depend on the situations and circumstances among other psychological factors which include what are the types of family wants too. There is nothing wrong with having wants, it is a human tendency but knowing what to do when is smart thinking. (See Benefits of Getting an Emotional Support Animal)

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