Video Summary: Paxman vs Brand – Full Interview

Russell Brand meets Jeremy Paxman – Full Interview | Paxman vs Russell Brand – Full Interview – BBC Newsnight

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  1. Russel said that he is the perfect candidate because he doesn’t know much about politics, he has crazy hair , quite good sense of humor and he was asked by an attractive woman. Russel said the he doesn’t know what the Criteria should be like.

  2. Paxman : If it’s true that you don’t vote, how come you talk about politics?

    Russel Said that although he didn’t vote he doesn’t get his authority from the pre-existing narrow paradigm that only serves a few people. He said he looks elsewhere for alternatives that might be of service to humanity.

  3. Russel said he looks for alternate political systems

    Russel said that he looks for alternate political systems and that through the magazine he edits he said that the needs of the people shouldn’t be ignored, the planet shouldn’t be destroyed and that people shouldn’t create massive economic disparity.

  4. Paxman : How do you imagine people get power?

    Paxman was pointing out to Russel that power comes from voting and that by ignoring the process people lose their power. Russel argued by saying that the current system still results in creating massive economic disparity and destruction for the planet. (See How does it feel to be famous?)

  5. Paxman : If you can’t be asked to vote why would we listen to your political point of view?

    Russel said that he doesn’t vote because became indifferent as a result of the lies and deceit that has been going on for generations. Russel said that political system represents a certain class and that he doesn’t like it. He also said that he never voted.

  6. Russel : I never voted because my social class was undeserved

    Russel said that he came from a social class that was under served by the current political system. He also partially blamed the system for the drug addiction problem he went through. Russel said that when people feel under served they might turn to drugs.

  7. Paxman : If you want a revolution, how should it be like?

    Russel said that a revolution shouldn’t result in a huge difference between the rich and poor, it shouldn’t result in ignoring the class that is currently ignored. Russel said the revolution should result in massive redistribution of wealth and heavy taxation on corporations. (See Why celebrities earn so much money?)

  8. Russel : The current profit system is not correct

    Russel criticized the current profit system and said that it should be changed for it creates a deficit. Paxman replied by saying that the current political system does have problems but in order for the government to take you seriously you have to vote.

  9. Russel : Why vote if it doesn’t make any difference?

    Russel said that if voting doesn’t make any difference why would people vote. Russel told Paxman that he spent his whole career berating politicians yet he is now having a go at him. Paxman said that he is not having a Go on him but it’s just the fact that he is not being specific.

  10. Russel : I am here to draw attention to few ideas

    Russel said that there are people with alternative ideas who are far more qualified than him and the people doing the current job. Russel said that government is indifferent to climate change. He also said that only systems that serve the population and the planet should be allowed to survive.

  11. Russel : We should only vote when there is a genuine alternative

    Russel said that unless there is a genuine alternative then voting won’t lead to anything. Paxman said that by the time a good candidate comes it might be already late to vote for him. Russel said that the right time is now and that these movements are happening everywhere.

  12. Russel : If nothing is changing why should we continue voting

    Russel said that even though people come and go the problems are still the same and that he got bored of that system. Paxman pointed to Russel that he got angry and Russel said that he is angry because he cares about this matter a lot.

  13. Paxman : Do you see any hope?

    Russel said that he has hope because a revolution is going to happen. Russel Said that it’s so naive to assume that he doesn’t have the right to talk about politics because he is an actor. He said that he won’t wait for someone to give him that right and that he will take it.

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