How does it feel to be famous?

Alex Williams
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  1. People recognize you on the streets

  2. People keep asking you for pictures

    When you become very famous, it could be hard to walk into a place without someone asking you for a picture.

  3. It’s hard to avoid people

    Famous people sometimes wish that they can walk in the street unnoticed or spend some time alone in a public place. This can hardly happen since people keep recognizing them all the time.

  4. Ego boosting

    Many famous people said that fame is ego boosting. The person can start to think that they are special, one of a kind or different. This might also lead to narcissism.

  5. Always pressured to look perfect

    Famous people are always pressured to look perfect because at any point, a person can take a random picture of them and post it somewhere. Famous people usually have to take extra care of their appearance & clothes. (See Why do people care about looks?)

  6. 6You lose your privacy

    When you become famous, you lose a part of your privacy. Anything that you do in public can become news and so your life will become more public than you wish.

  7. Rumors spread about you

    When you become very famous, people will start to spread rumors about you. Some of those rumors can reach the news, which can be very frustrating.

  8. Your posts become official updates

    When you post something on social media, it becomes more of an official statement than a personal opinion. You don’t become that free to express yourself anymore because of the fan base pressure. (See Why do Celebrities like Twitter?)

  9. You have secret admirers

    When you become famous, you might get love letters, anonymous gifts and messages from secret admirers. Some fans might expose their identities, while others might not.

  10. You are pressured to act in a certain way

    Most famous people are pressured to act in a certain way in order to keep their fan base. Famous people are forced to always smileand cheerful even if they are having bad days.

  11. You worry about losing fame

    Many stars worry about losing fame and fear the new faces coming in the industry. Under that kind of pressure, many celebrities might use drugs to improve their moods.

  12. You must be nice to everyone

    Many celebrities are pressured to be nice to everyone including mean people because they are very protective of their reputation. A famous person has to wear a mask on their face in many situations.

  13. You get stalked a lot

    As a famous person, you could get stalked a lot. Some famous people end up closing their social media accounts in order to keep their lives private.

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