The body language of the arms

Alex Williams
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  1. Crossed arms

    In body language, crossed arms mean that the person is either uncomfortable or offended. A person will cross their arms if they feel shy, uncomfortable or unhappy. (See Why do people fold their arms while communicating with others?)

  2. Touching with one arm

    If a person touched you with one arm while shaking hands then it might mean that they are being sincere about their emotions. A person will hardly touch another if they don’t like them. (See Why do some people touch others while speaking?)

  3. Arms on waist

    A person will usually put their arms on their waist when they experience frustration, aggression or both. If a person got frustrated then they will put their hands on their waist.

  4. Arms behind the back

    When a person puts their arms behind their back, it means that they are feeling confident or even superior.

  5. Expanding arms

    Expanding the arms in such a way that a person takes a bigger space is a sign of confidence. People who are sure of themselves take bigger space.

  6. Arms clasped on stomach

    When a person clasps their hands on their stomach (not folding his arms), this means that they feel confident and self-assured.

  7. Arms behind head

    When a person puts both of their arms behind their head while sitting, it means they feel over-confident.

  8. Using the arms while speaking

    Some people use their arms while speaking to deliver the information properly. The arm movement could indicate that the person is being honest, especially if their palms are showing.

  9. Arms above the head

    A person can put their arms above their head when they get defeated or when a serious problem happens. You can see this during football matches when one team loses.

  10. Taking smaller space

    If the person contracts their arms to take smaller space then it might mean that they are not that sure of themselves and that they might want to hide or escape.

  11. Pointing fingers

    Extending one arm and pointing one finger towards another person is considered a hostile and aggressive move in body language.

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