Summary of predictions on the internet’s future

What Will the Internet Be Like in the Next 50 Years? | Predictions for the Future of The Internet
  1. The internet will become like electricity

    The internet will become invisible, much like electricity. It’ll serves its purpose and become mandatory for many systems.

  2. It will enhance global connectivity

    It will enhance global connectivity, improving relationships among societies.

  3. People will become more self-knowing

    The ‘Internet of Things’, artificial intelligence and big data will make people more aware of their own behavior and the reasons behind it.

  4. Augmented reality will become the norm

    Augmented reality will monitor and give quick feedback on health and the external world. It will become the norm.

  5. Political activity will be more frequent

    Political actions, such as public uprisings, like the Arab Spring, will become more frequent as people organize events over the internet.

  6. Interest groups will form

    Power groups that transcend the borders of nations, based on shared interests will be formed. Anonymous are an example. (See Why do humans join groups?)

  7. The internet will split

    The internet will split into ‘the internets’ because of various political and economical policies.

  8. Education will cost less

    There will be more educational opportunities and they will cost less money, or even be free. People will also use the internet to self-educate themselves.

  9. Gaps between groups might increase

    Gaps between those that oppose each other might increase, resulting in resentment and more violence.

  10. New ways of harming others will come about

    Abuses and abusers will find new ways to hurt others over the internet as it becomes more integrated into everyday life.

  11. Governments will use it to control people

    Governments and corporations will use the internet to control people by means such as limiting access to it and sapping access to information.

  12. Privacy will disappear

    Most people will trade off privacy for access to features, while privacy will become something only a few enjoy. (See Why Do People Care About Online Privacy?)

  13. Answers will become instant

    With the rise of trends such as search engines becoming answer machines, people will gain immediate answers to their questions.

  14. Everything will collect data

    Cars, buildings, cities, and people will have sensors and softwares that track resources, respond to crime, or take constant vital signs.

  15. The internet will be available on Mars

    NASA plans to establish an internet connection on Mars by 2030.

  16. Governments will run almost all services online

    Some governments, such as Estonia’s, already provide almost all of their services online. It is predicted that other countries will follow their example.

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