Narcos Summary: Season 1 Episode 10: Despegue

Narcos Recap Season 1 Episode 10: Despegue | Summary of Narcos – Season 1 Episode 10.
  1. The Colombian government plans to move Escobar out of La Catedral

    When the news about Escobar excessive prison lifestyle began to spread, the Colombian police began investigating the disappearance of both Gerardo Moncada and Fernando Galeano. Simultaneously, both Pena and agent Murphy got suspended for leaking such information to the public.

  2. Cali Cartel kidnaps agent Murphy

    Upon returning home, agent Murphy was kidnapped by Pacho Herrera’s men. Herrera forced cooperation between Cali and the DEA. Otherwise, he would leak the conversation Murphy had with Colonel Carrillo that led to the murder of an innocent woman while trying to hunt “Poison”, Escobar’s main sicario.

  3. President Gaviria sends Eduardo Sandoval to negotiate with Escobar

    The Colombian government decides to siege Escobar’s prison and transfer him to Bogota while searching La Catedral for Moncada and Galeano’s bodies. To negotiate this deal, president Gaviria sent the vice minister of justice, Eduardo Sandoval, to La Catedral.

  4. Escobar takes the vice-minister of justice hostage

    Sandoval made an immature decision and risked entering La Catedral alone. When he failed to convince Escobar of leaving the prison, he was taken as a hostage to convince Gaviria to send his men back where they came from. (See Narcos Summary: Season 1 Episode 5 – There Will Be a Future)

  5. President Gaviria orders to attack La Catedral

    With a wish to end things once and for all, Gaviria sacrifices the safety of his friend, Sandoval, and orders his special forces to raid on La Catedral and bring out Escobar.

  6. Escobar escapes from prison

    The Colombian Special Forces storms into the Catedral, killing every Narcos they could find while freeing vice-minister Sandoval. They failed, however, to locate Escobar, who used a hidden tunnel to escape with a group of his men. (See Narcos Summary: Descenso – Episode 1 Season 1)

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