23 Most Fun Things to Do with Your Computer

Alex Williams
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  1. Watch Movies/Videos

    Some websites may charge you some amount for the selection of superior quality HD. Movies, but do not worry as we will let you know the best websites which will allow you to watch high-quality movies without shelling any cash. Some free websites for watching good print videos include MetaCafe, Vimeo, and Folkstreams.

  2. Play Games

    One of the best ways of cheering your mood when you are feeling bored or stressed is to play games. Various free online games over thousands of websites are available that can easily be downloaded. You can install a game that entices you. For instance, if you are fond of racing, you may go for Need For Speed.

  3. Listen to Music

    Music heals the soul. Your computer can help you listen to your favourite music genre, whatever your ears would like to hear. You can attach any desktop speakers with your PC, and there you go! You are all set to rock.

  4. Make Youtube Videos

    Making your own Youtube video is fun and a good source of earning income. Your video may also get viral through this marvellous platform. You can make an informative video and post them here on Youtube. It can make you earn a handsome income if your video gets a decent number of views.

  5. Surf!

    Surfing the internet can immensely enhance your knowledge as you would always read new information while surfing. Surfing is productive and will boost crystalline and fluid intelligence if done the right way. Remember, the brain is like a muscle, so use it if you don’t want to lose it.

  6. Chat

    What if you have no one to talk to physically? You need not worry as the computer will enable you to chat with your pals, relatives, and loved ones with your computer. Numerous apps and social networking websites, including Facebook, Zoom, and many others, help you widening your group/circle.

  7. Facebook

    Facebook is a robust social networking platform that helps you get great business leads and keeps you in touch with your friends and family. Numerous single and multiplayer games and other fun activities are available over this platform, such as Candy Crush, Farmville, and many others. (See Why Is Facebook So Addictive?)

  8. Watching Videos On Youtube

    You can watch anything and everything on Youtube that makes you an intense video viewer, from silly dogs making weird noises to footage of an astronaut. You can easily search in the Youtube tab, and you will get the desired results. You can check out the results and subscribe.

  9. Online Window Shop

    Doing online shopping is the best way to save energy, fuel, and time. Your computer will make you buy almost anything online. Easy, isn’t it? It is convenient and fun to compare prices over several websites of the same product and buy a product at the best possible price.

  10. Learn a Magic Trick

    It has become effortless to impress your friends, peers, or relatives by learning a magic trick online. There are a bunch of websites that can help you learn a coin or card trick. You can even find very cool stuff on Youtube and watch videos that enhance your understanding.

  11. Make an Art

    It might make you feel good if you want to inspire yourself and learn some art over an art-specific website or other platforms such as Juxtapoz (contemporary art blog), DevianArt (alternative art), etc. You can even use Sketchpad to draw all kinds of designs and use other tools like Adobe Photoshop or Glimp to draw and paint creative stuff.

  12. De-clutter your Laptop

    It is a refreshing and imperative thing that one could do with their computer. Manage and organize your files and delete the ones which are not necessary to keep. It will enhance the performance of your computer, and you can make utilization of your free time and do something conducive to your laptop.

  13. Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

    Several platforms or websites can help you learn shortcuts for your favourite application. Whether you are using Word, Excel, or any other program, you can improve your knowledge immensely. You can learn things like Gmail keyboard shortcuts, Firefox keyboard shortcuts, and many others.

  14. Trace an Email Automatically

    You may not need to do it, but if you are worried that the email you received is unauthentic or the user is unidentified, some websites will do the task for you, such as IP-address.com. Just copy the email as a text file and paste it into the input box on the site; then click ‘Trace Email Sender’.

  15. Make Music

    Now, you do not need to keep your aspiration of making music silent! Many websites can make you do it, and they are free. Yes, you have heard it right. You do not need to pay for learning to produce your favourite genre of music. Some of the best websites include AudioTool, Soundtrap, and Soundation.

  16. Read Wikipedia

    Embellish your knowledge with Wikipedia by knowing about anything that you are interested in. For instance, if you are fond of sports cars, you can read about them and find interesting stuff on Wikipedia. You can type a specific car name or anything and search it on Wikipedia to upgrade your knowledge.

  17. Learn Hacking

    We are not promoting any illegal hacking. Many legal ways of hacking can be way too beneficial. You can read and learn stuff about hacking clubs on particular websites where all members compete to hack into each other’s systems and leave proof.

  18. Crack Windows Password

    Did you know that you can persuade your computer to divulge its secrets? Some applications can make you do so, such as Abel or Cain. They are the ultimate password cracker that you can avail of for free. Abel is a system service that does the background work, whereas Cain is the user interface to the application.

  19. Create an Online Book Catalogue

    Creating a book catalogue online for all your books is fun. Some websites like librarything.com allow you to add 200 books to your catalogue for free. (See How to read a book really fast?)

  20. 20Listen to a Podcast

    You can listen to your favourite radio shows that cover an array of diversified topics. Websites that allow you to find podcasts on streaming platforms are Spotify, Apple Music, etc. Some of the most famous podcasts include The Read, The American Life, Savage Lovecast, etc.

  21. Explore Google Earth

    Now explore the entire world, sitting at your home, that too totally for free. Google Earth enables you to visit any place in this world. You can actually explore the streets of any city and even lookup for one’s house. It is a fun thing to do that can also help you enhance your geography skills.

  22. Take a Free Online Course

    You can opt for a free course and develop your skills in the area that appeals to you. Several websites and platforms conduct different types of online courses that are doable in the comfort of your own home. Some of the renowned websites include Udemy, Domestika, edX, and many others.

  23. Turn the Screen Upside Down

    You might be thinking of how to do this if you do not know the shortcuts? However, you need to press (Ctrl|Alt|Down) on a computer, which will flip the screen upside down. It might not be advantageous, but it can make a great prank. To bring back the screen to normal mode, just press (Ctrl|Alt|↑)

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