List of goalkeepers who played until their 40s

Alex Williams
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  1. Gordon Banks – England

  2. Faryd Mondragón – Colombia

    The oldest player to play a world cup (against Japan 2014). The Colombian goalie retired at the age of 43 in Deportivo Cali (Colombia).

  3. Nélson de Jesus da Silva (Dida) – Brazil

    The 2 times UEFA Champions league winner who played for AC Milan between 2000 and 2010 is still playing at the age of 41 (2015) in Club Internacional (Brazil).

  4. Carlo Cudicini – Italy

    Chelsea’s goalkeeper who also played for Milan, Lazio and Tottenham Hotspur retired in 2013 at the age of 40 after spending one year in MLS with LA Galaxy.

  5. Rogerio Ceni – Brazil

    The only GK to ever score a 100 goal in his entire career. The free kicks and penalty expert is still playing for São Paulo despite reaching 42 (2015).

  6. René Higuita – Colombia

    El Loco (the crazy) who invented the ‘scorpion kick’ retired in 2010 at the age of 44 after spending 2 years with Deportivo Pereira in Colombia.

  7. David Seaman – England

    The Englishman who won 3 league titles with Arsenal ended his career in the city of Manchester after spending 1 year playing for Manchester City (2003-2004). Seaman retired at the age of 41.

  8. Edwin van der Sar – Netherlands

    One of the best goalkeepers in the history of the English premier league. The Dutch who played for Ajax, Juventus, Fulham and Man Utd retired at the age of 41 (2011) after spending 6 years with the Red Devils. (See The 15 Most Successful Football Clubs in Africa)

  9. Dino Zoff- Italy

    The oldest player to ever win a world cup. Dino who spent 11 years in Turin playing for Juventus (1972-1983) retired in 1983 at the age of 41.

  10. Essam El Hadary – Egypt

    Considered by many as the best African goalkeeper of all time, El Hadary who won the African Cup of Nations 3 consecutive times with Egypt (2006, 2008, 2010) is still playing at the age of 42 (1973-2015) with Al Ismaily (Egypt).

  11. Gianluca Pagliuca – Italy

    The first GK to receive a red card in the history of the World Cup (USA 1994). The Italian who won the Serie-A with Sampdoria (1990-1991) retired in 2007 in Ascoli at the age of 41.

  12. Ed de Goey – Netherlands

    The Dutch who represented Chelsea between 1997 and 2003, retired at the age of 40 after spending 3 years with the Potters (Stoke City).

  13. Peter Schmeichel – Denmark

    Manchester United’s legend who won the treble in 1999 retired in 2003 (40 years) after spending one year with Man City. (See Why is NFL so popular in USA?)

  14. David James – England

    The English goalkeeper who played for 7 years with Liverpool is still playing at the age of 45 (2015) in the Indian Super League with Kerala Blasters FC.

  15. Brad Friedel – USA

    One of the greatest American goalkeepers of all time, Friedel who spent 8 years with Blackburn Rovers retired in 2015 (44) after spending 4 years with Tottenham Hotspur.

  16. Mark Schwarzer – Australia

    The Australian who was born in 1972 is still playing at the age of 43 (2015) in the English Premier League with Leicester City.

  17. Lev Yashin – Russia

    The only goalkeeper to ever receive a Ballon d’Or (1963), the Russian legend born in 1929 retired at the age of 41 after spending 20 years playing for Dynamo Moscow.

  18. Peter Shilton – England

    The English goalkeeper who started his professional career in 1966 Leicester City (17 years) is the oldest on the list as he retired in 1997 (at the age of 48) after 1 year and 9 games in Leyton Orient FC.

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