How to Write the Date in Korean?

How do Koreans write the Date? Why does South Korea use the mm/dd Date Format? How to say 2022 in Korean? How to read Time in Korean?

It’s easy to learn the sino numbers but how to write the date in Korean using them. Not only the numbers, but you also need to know the words for the year, day, and month in Korean to write the complete date. This is not something required to be memorized, but only through practice, you will know how to read dates in Korean. Continue reading the article to know more about it.

1. How do Koreans write the Date?

Let’s see how to write the date in Korean.

Each day, month, and year is written as a suffix separated by a space as- il (일) for the day, well (월) for a month, and nyeon for the year (년), i.e., 1976-06-08 can be expressed in Korean as 1976년 6월 8일. (See The Interesting History of Alphabet)

2. Why does South Korea use the mm/dd Date Format?

South Korea uses the date format as mm/dd because the order of words for sentence formation is opposite in Korea compared to that in the USA. For example, in English, shark in a sea on earth is written in Korean as earth on sea in shark. Similarly, in English, the date is written as dd/mm, while in Korean as mm/dd. (See Date Format UK vs US)

3. How to read Date in Korean?

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There are certain rules on how to read dates in Korean. Read the year first, followed by the month, followed by the day. So, how to write the date in Korean? For example, 4 March 1995 can be read in Korean as 천구백구십오년 삼월 사일. Here, months in Korean and sino-Korean numbers have been used. (See How to Learn Tut Language?)

4. How to say 2022 in Korean?

You can use the number and digit format to say it in Korean. 2022 can be written as 2 1000 2 10 2 1, which can be expressed by sino numbers as 이 천 이 십 이 일. (See How do you say Sea in French?)

5. How to write Date in Korean? How to write Birth Date in Korean?

So, rules on how to read dates in Korean in the format of yy/mm/dd. Read the year as nyeon, month as well, and date as il. Let us consider an example of how to write the date in Korean.

Birth date 9 December 1992 will be written as 1992년 12월 9일 or 천구백구십이년 십이월구일.

6. What Day is Today in Korea? How to ask What Day is it in Korean?

Today is Friday in Korea, i.e., 8 July 2022. What day is it in Korean can be expressed as 무슨 날이야 and saying museun nal (무슨 날?). (See Top 16 Hanukkah Spelling Variations)

7. How to use Korean Date Format Converter?

Calculator available on various websites can be used to convert Korean date format by using the following steps:

1. Visit any Korean Date Format Converter online.

2. Choose Gregorian and Korean in the From and To drop-down menu as depicted below.

3. Enter the date and click on Convert.

Now, you get the date in Korean format.

8. How do Koreans read Age?

The concept of age in Korea is different from other languages. Your age is increased by one or two in the Korean age system because a year in the womb is also considered by the Koreans, and also new year adds one year to the Korean age and not on the birthday. So, the Korean age changes on the 1st of January for everyone, not on the birthday, which can be calculated using the Korean age calculator and formulas.

To read your age in Korean, you must add 살 (sal) after the number. Hence, write 25 years old as 스물다섯 살. Elderly people are referred to as nuna 누나 or eonni 언니, while younger are referred to as dongsaeng 동생.

To know your Korean age follow the steps given below:

  • Let’s say you were born in 1992, add 1 to the current year, i.e., 2022 + 1 = 2023, and subtract your birth year, i.e., 2023 – 1992 = 31.
  • Another precise method is to add 1 to your age when your birthday has passed in the current year and 2 to your age if your birthday has not passed yet in the current year.
  • You can also use a calculator to calculate your Korean age, which is simple. Just put your international age and check. (See How to Pronounce Chihuahua?)

9. How to read Time in Korean?

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To read time in Korean, you must learn how to read hours and minutes in Korean. It is also important to know the difference between am and pm. To say hours, you must use si to tell time and know the Korean numbers. Example 1 o’clock is read as han siss. The word bun is used to express minutes, for which you need to know the sino-Korean number system.

For example: 6 minutes are read as yukbun, 10 minutes is expressed as sipbun. (See Why Do We Have Different Time Zones?)

10. How to write taehyung in Korean?

Besides how to write the date in Korean, you can also write taehyung in Korean using the simple writing system of the Korean language using the 12 characters of the Korean alphabet.

  • Uppercase characters are not used, and the word kana is used for syllables.
  • Phrasebook can be of great help while writing the word in Korean.

Figure out the words and their sounds in Korean by learning the Korean sounds from books or videos. Taehyung in Korean is written as 태형. (Also check Why are Korean dramas so popular?)

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