How to slow down the greying of hair?

Is it possible to slow down gray hair growth? The Science Behind Gray Hair and How to Hack it Naturally

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  1. 1 Reduce stress in your life

    While hair graying happen due to aging it can also happen prematurely as a result of stress. By reducing the amount of stress in your life you can slow down the process.

  2. 2 Stop smoking

    Smoking accelerates the aging process and might force the hair to prematurely become grey. Reduce or stop smoking to slow down the aging process. See why do people smoke cigarettes.

  3. 3 Drink more water

    If the body isn't hydrated enough nutrients might have a problem reaching the hair follicles. Drink a lot of water to slow down the graying process. 

  4. 4 Get enough sleep

    Sleep allows the body to restore its energy and to get rid of stress. If you don't get enough sleep then your hair might turn grey faster. See how to sleep well.

  5. 5 Stop drinking alcohol

    Alcohol can speed up the aging process. Reduce your intake of alcohol or stop it for good to prevent your hair from getting grey fast. 

  6. 6 Exercise often

    Exercising ensures good blood circulation which can help the body provide its cells with nutrients. Exercising can slow down the graying of hair.

  7. 7 Consume vitamin B

    Getting enough Vitamin B helps the hair maintain its strength and can prevent premature graying of hair. See how to slow down the aging process.

  8. 8 Consume iodine

    Iodine rich food can help your hair maintain its color. Eat foods rich in iodine such as bananas and carrots to prevent your hair from turning grey fast.

  9. 9 Reduce your caffeine intake

    Too much caffeine can expedite the process of hair graying.

  10. 10 Eat less junk food

    Unhealthy eating habits such as the consumption of junk food can expedite the process of hair graying.

  11. 11 Eat enough protien

    Protein is essential for the production of melanin which is the substance that gives hair its color. Make sure your diet is protein rich.

  12. 12 Consume enough Selenium

    Selenium is an element that has natural antioxidant properties and as a result it can help you maintain a healthy hair. Selenium is found in walnuts, wheat, corn and tuna.

  13. 13 Consume enough copper

    Foods rich in copper help the body the body produce melanin which is the chemical that gives hair its color. Copper can be found in liver, mushroom and seafood.

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