How To Dress Like A Bad Boy?

Alex Williams
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  1. Wear a leather jacket

    Wear a fitted leather jacket. The goal is to look as comfortable and as dangerous as possible. A leather jacket helps communicate this message.

  2. Wear boots

    Bad boys hardly wear sneakers. They go for boots to enable them to walk through anything without having to worry.

  3. They wear jeans

    Bad boys are brave. They don’t have limits, and as a result, they need to wear clothes that allow them to do anything they feel like. Jeans are durable, so they match the criteria.

  4. Stick to black

    Although bad boys wear different colours, sticking to black can give a dangerous and mysterious look. A black leather jacket and boots will do the job.

  5. Plain v-shirt

    A plain v-shirt can make you look more like a bad boy. These t-shirts make bad boys comfortable are among the reasons they sometimes choose to wear them.

  6. Fitted clothes

    Bad boys wear fitted clothes. Make sure your clothes fit you perfectly.

  7. White beater shirt

    A white beater shirt can look like a bad boy if your body is ripped. If you are too slim or overweight, you should avoid it. (See How do bad boys choose their clothes?)

  8. 8Wear the white beater under the shirt

    Bad boys like to wear white beaters under their shirts, and the reason is that they can easily take off the shirt and get into a fight if needed.

  9. Don’t button all buttons

    When wearing a shirt, bad boys don’t button all buttons. Instead, they button one or two to be ready to take off the shirt when needed.

  10. Go for plain colours

    Bad boys usually wear plain colours, especially black and white.

  11. Black sunglasses

    Sunglasses make people look mysterious, and as a result, they make a person look more like a bad boy. A black pair of sunglasses will do. (See, Does wearing glasses make you more attractive?)

  12. Wear a hoodie

    Wearing a hoodie whenever possible can make you look like a bad boy. The sense of mystery a hoodie adds makes a person seem more like a bad boy.

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