How to Ask Someone to Do Something for You

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Are you wondering how to ask someone to do something for you? Then, read this article. Humanity thrives on the unity of people irrespective of country, language, color, or culture. The diversity among 7.8 billion people opens up the path to learning, perceiving, and discovering newer possibilities to improve creativity & prosperity. Along with infrastructural development, human society has successfully acculturated to the persistent emergence of new ways of leading life, adjusted with the changing conditions of work and leisure, smashed barriers that restricted expression, and laid down the track for continuous progress.

What remains fixed throughout these processes is the cohesion of unity, interaction, and duty towards each other. Helping is the graceful attitude, which has pushed humanity towards advancement. It can be either through lending a hand to someone’s chores or asking out a person for some assistance.

The Art of Asking

Let us assume a situation where you shift to a completely new place without any friends or relatives around. You might think of using Google Maps every time, but that won’t work in the long run. Ultimately, you will need to blend in with society and ask someone for help. Similarly, at your new job. Amanda Palmer has explained it in detail in her book by the same name.

Most people freely ask for their requirements because they believe that asking for something is not a big deal. While some people believe that asking for something requires a lot of skill and confidence. (See Why some people don’t like to talk?) But the polite tone and right combination of words can help you in getting favors while leaving a good impression in the helper’s mind too. Possibilities of receiving YES as a response shoot up if you treat the other person with respect and gratitude. Hence, you must learn the art of asking, as explained below.

1. Push Yourself to Ask

The first attempt towards getting things done is by preparing yourself to ask for help. It helps if you feel comfortable interacting with people, but, if you are an introvert, it’s high time that you decide what has more priority, your shyness in public, or your work. (See Why do some people feel uncomfortable around strangers?)

2. Don’t be Irritated or Rude

Maybe you’ve had a hard time grasping the fact that your product review hasn’t quite impressed the manager, despite all the efforts you put into it. You are flustered, but you need help to improve your work as well. Well, you cannot move around exploding your agony on your fellow mates. It is important to contain the fury and get the work done. (See How to be assertive without being rude?)

Try to keep your sentences to the point and mix these with a tint of politeness and sobriety. You might also need to ask for help from someone who does not have a good relationship with you. However, approach them positively and explain why you need help, along with assurances that you would do your best to assist them in their time of need. This is how to ask someone to do something for you nicely.

3. Set The Right Tone

Many times, we do not receive positive feedback, because we fail to construct the right words with an accurate tone. If we need something within a short time, we tend to pressurize the other person, and this can often backfire on the situation. Hence, it’s better to be patient in the first place. And if that doesn’t work, try to engage the helper in a conversation that discusses the importance of your work and its completion. Never let your desperation affect the conversation, and try to be polite, humble, and sweet with your voice and tone.

4. Demonstrate Proper Body Language

While asking for something,

  • Make sure to have proper eye contact and put on a sublime expression on your face.
  • Try to be calm, composed, and confident about the response you will receive from the helper.

Since body language is more powerful than words. Therefore, you need to use all the right gestures. (See Submissive Body Language Signals)

5. Use Proper & Polite Phrases

The most important part of how to ask someone to do something for you is by using proper phrases. The proper usage of words and sentences influences the kind of response you are about to receive. For instance:

  • If you want to assert what’s in your mind, politely start by using, I’D LIKE TO…, I WAS ACTUALLY THINKING OF…, etc.
  • If you’re not too sure if the other person could help you or not, try using COULD YOU PLEASE…
  • If you think the helper is busy as well, try saying WOULD YOU KINDLY DO ME A FAVOR?…
  • Other phrases that can be used are WOULD YOU MIND…, WOULD IT BE POSSIBLE…, WILL IT BE OK IF…, etc.

6. Ask for Opinions

When you ask the helper about their opinion, then it shows that you respect the other person’s role and value them. However, sometimes when we ask for opinions, we fail to express it in correct sentences. These incorrect expressions often lead to inappropriate suggestions or arguments. Therefore, it is better to always ask for opinions politely saying IF YOU AGREE, WOULD IT BE POSSIBLE TO COMPLETE…BY…AS…? This is how to ask someone to do something for you while respecting their opinions. (Also Read Why do people fight?)

7. Wait For It

Another thing to keep in mind in regards to how to ask someone to do something for you is to wait for the response. The hurriedness of getting what you want might lead to the person saying NO to you.

  • You must always be optimistic about what you are asking.
  • Moreover, be patient and not act impulsively.

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