How Quora started?

How was Quora created? What is the story of Quora? How did Quora start?
  1. Adam D’angelo wanted to impact the world more

    When Adam D’angelo , Quora’s founder, was interviewed he said Facebook was already an established business and he felt he could impact the world more if he started a new thing.

  2. Adam realized there is no good info on startups online

    Adam D’angelo said in an interview that he realized that there was no good site that provided detailed information about startups. This is why he decided to fill the gap with Quora

  3. Adam Quit his job as CTO of Facebook

    Adam D’angelo left his job as Facebook’s CTO and decided to work on his own startup Quora.

  4. The founders worked on Quora privately

    Both Adam D’angelo and Charlie Cheever started working on Quora in June 2009 but they didn’t release it to the public.

  5. Quora was introduced to Public june 2010

    After one year of working on the site Quora was introduced to the public in 2010 according to wikipedia.

  6. By January 2011 Quora had 500,000 Users

    According to Wikipedia Quora had 500,000 users by January 2011. (See How Quora gained initial traction?)

  7. Quora raised $11 million in march 2011

    In March 2011 Quora has raised $11 million in series A funding.

  8. Quora released mobile Apps

    On September 2011 Quora released it’s iPhone App then it released the Android version on September 2012. (See Why is Quora better than Yahoo Answers?)

  9. Quora got $50 million series B funding

    In mid 2012 Quora got $50 million of funding. Adam D’angelo invested $20 million of his own money in that round. The company was reportedly valued at $400 Million dollars.

  10. In April 2014 Quora was valued at $900 million.

    In April 2014 Quora announced they are raising $80 dollars at a valuation of $900 million dollars.

  11. Quora is believed to be valued above $2 billion

    Estimates in 2015 have shown that Quora might be valued for above $2 billion dollars,

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