How many Pages is 900 Words?

How many Pages are 900 Words? How many Words can be Handwritten on an A4 Page? How many Pages are 800-900 Words Double Spaced? How do you write a 900 Word Essay?

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Writing essays, paragraphs, and blog posts is an important part of students and professional writers’ lives. And if you are one of them, then it may intrigue you to know more about an essay’s word count and the number of pages it has. Also, this article will be extremely helpful for new writers and students who want to know about the number of pages and word limit required for an essay to plan their project. So, let’s discuss the questions like, how many pages is 900 words, and how much words can be handwritten in an A4 page?

1. How many Words can be Handwritten in an A4 Page?

Using a 12-point font size for an A4 size page, we can write around 400–500 words, with subheadings, white spaces, and illustrations. So, how many pages is 900 words? We will come to that soon. (See What is a text structure definition?)

2. Is 900 Word Essay a lot?

It is a subjective question, and the answer totally depends on what you are writing for, how you are writing, and the purpose for which you are writing the essay. 

3. How many Pages is 900 Words?

A 900-word essay will be 1.8 single-spaced pages or 3.6 double-spaced pages in length. There are 500 words on a typical single-spaced page. Must see How to Use Movie Title in a Paper?

4. How many Pages is 800-900 Words Double Spaced?

Double-spaced 800 words are 3.2 pages. To make essays easier to read and edit with comments and feedback, teachers may instruct students to double-space their essays. There are 250 words on a typical double-spaced page. 

5. How many Paragraphs is a 900 Word Essay?

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There are 6 to 9 paragraphs in a 900-word essay. Check out What are Features of Blog?

6. How do You Write a 900 Word Essay?

The structure of an essay consists of an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. The essay’s first paragraph, the introduction, serves a variety of purposes. This paragraph grabs the reader’s interest, establishes the fundamental concepts you will address, and offers the essay’s thesis. The topic, focus, and three main ideas of the essay are all included in the thesis statement, which is typically only one phrase long. 

Every paragraph in the body needs to have a transition at the beginning, which can be a word or phrases like the first or another significant point. The topic sentence should then be included in the first paragraph. Similar to a more concise thesis statement, the topic sentence informs the reader of the purpose of the paragraph. The supporting sentences that follow will make up the body of the paragraph. At least four of these sentences should explain your topic sentence to the reader.

The essay’s final paragraph is its conclusion. The thesis statement is restated in this concluding paragraph, which also serves to summarise the main points of the paper. Since the conclusion sums up the essay’s content, it shouldn’t introduce any new concepts. The thesis is restated in a simpler manner than it was in the introduction.

As you have understood the essay’s structure, which is the introduction, main body, and conclusion of the subject, now you know how many pages is 900 words and thus can write a 900 word essay according to your chosen word limit. 

7. How Long does it take to Write 900 Words?

It will take approximately 3 hours to write an essay of 900 words. Check out How to Write Weather Report? 

8. How Long will it take to Say 900 Words?

Even if you know how many pages is 900 words and how many pages is 800-900 words double spaced, let us find out the time for speaking those words. If you are a slow reader, then it will take you 4.5 to 7.2 minutes to read a 900-word article. And if you are a fast reader, then it may take you 2.3 minutes to read the same. 

9. How many Words is 400 Pages?

It is 200000 single-spaced words and 100000 double-spaced words in a 400-page document. These types of documents are usually full-length novels. Also, reading a 400-page document will take the reader about 11-12 hours, depending on your reading speed. (See What is the Cool S Font Called?)

10. Is a 1500 Word Essay Long?

Yes, a 1500-word essay is quite long. It will take around 3 to 6 pages to write. Single-spaced words will cover 3 pages, and double-spaced words will cover 6 pages. An example of a 1500-word document could be a short news article or a blog post of medium length. To read a 1500-word document, a reader may take around 5 minutes. 

11. How many Pages can 2000 Words fit?

You will get around 4 pages (in single space) and 8 pages (in double space) for a 2000-word document. The results could vary a bit due to different word processing software settings, but if you use the common page margin on an MS Word document, word size 12, with font Times New Roman or Arial, then the result could be as mentioned above. Moreover, documents like blog posts, operating manuals, term papers, and college/school essays are written within the 2000-word limit. (Also read How to find Rhyme Scheme?)

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