How many Camels are You Worth?

What is a Camel? How many Camels are You worth? How many Goats are worth a Camel? Can you buy a Camel? How much is a Camel worth in Egypt?

Camels are amazing creatures that live through the harsh weather of the desert, going around the vast space of nothingness but sand and thorny bushes. They have the ability to go days without drinking water and are called the Ships of the desert. The Gobi Desert is known to be a place with the maximum number of camels inhabiting it. Another surprising fact is that due to their woolen coat, they comparatively sweat less. But how many camels are you worth? Mention how many camels are in the world present now. Are you worthy enough to be compared with camels? Can you measure your worth? Let us dive in and get answers to some of the questions.

1. What is a Camel with Two Humps called?

The camel with two humps is called Bacterian Camel. These are different from the camels commonly seen around, known as Dromedary Camel or Arabian Camel. The camels we have studied in school and the pictures that we are acquainted with are the camels with just one hump but as a result of evolution through the years we also have the Bacterian camel. These camels have two humps which have the same function as the other one which is to store fats where water and food are converted to energy when required as it can be difficult to find sources of water in the vast desert where these creatures reside. (See What is a one hump camel called?)

2. How many Camels are in the World?

Camels like other herbivore animals like goats and deer wander around and live in groups called herds. These herds consist of adult camels and calves, there might be many camels that make up a herd. As an answer to how many camels are in the world, there are about 20 million left, the majority of whom have their home in Australia. This continent along with kangaroos and koalas has camels in their population with approximately 750,000 which roam about in herds. (See List of Animals with Manes)

3. How much is Worth a Camel?

Now that we know how many camels are in the world, let us explore their worth. Camels have their values judged on the basis of many elements and features. As horses have their values determined, camels as well have theirs based on their breed, sex, and age. But camels, in general, have their values high up on the list. They are very valuable firstly because of the fact that they can survive in extreme conditions of the desert without being on the lookout for food and water, the other reasons being their milk, fur, and meat.

As per surveys, the camels are worth different in different regions. For instance, camels in the USA are worth $5000 – $25000 but can go up to $50000 in value. (See What is the Cost of Blue Lobster?)

The answer to our camels being legal in the US is yes. Camels are among a few others including ferrets, giraffes, and alpacas which are legal to keep in the US without the need for any permits. These animals can be kept as pets after going through some documentation and some are left in the wild for the purpose of hunting. These animals are gentle, friendly, and intelligent creatures. Camels are an important asset to the world with their distinct features and abilities. Another issue is that as these species have a high value, poachers are a threat to their lives. (See What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Capture Mark-Recapture Method?)

5. How much is a Camel Worth in US dollars?

Before knowing the answer to whether can you buy a camel, let us learn about its price first. The camels are an important species for the world, the one which can store food and water in their humps to be used later when required because of which they need not wander around in the search of the basics in the vast and dry desert. The value of camels changes depending on the region it is being sold, if it is a male or a female, young or adult, and many more factors. The worth of a camel in the US reaches somewhere around $5000 – $25000 and differs according to their species. (See How much is Ivory Worth?)

6. How many Camels are you worth?


Trust me when I say there is an actual website to know how many camels are you worth! You just have to add in some information such as your age, height, hair length, eye color, and body type and it shows you how many camels are you worth. It is said that a camel is worth it according to its type, performance, age, and sex.

We can use the Camel Calculator to find our worth and feed our details to play the quiz. Keeping all these in mind while calculating, can cause different values to be put up in different circumstances. But if you are to ask how many camels are you worth it is a difficult question but the value is pretty much up there. I have done mine and it gave me the answer as 61 camels. Now you must do it for yourself. (See What qualities determine the value of information?)

7. How many Goats are worth a Camel?

After learning about how many camels are you worth, you might also be curious about how many goats make up a camel. It is said that one camel costs 36 goats. In this case, if you wanna make a trade using the barter system and you have a camel with you, it’s worth 36 goats. Camels are a very important species with distinct features and functions such as their eyelids which can withstand sandstorms and the humps on their back which store food and water turning it into fat when required and making it a part of sustainable eating for the animal. (See Why do goats faint?)

8. How many Camels are in a Dowry?

A pastoralist community residing in the northwestern part of India exclusively uses camels on the occasion of marriage during the departure of the party and entrance at the bride’s house. The Raikas give camels as dowry during their daughter’s marriage. The traditional bride price is calculated to be a minimum of 3 camels. Dowry is an unethical procedure in today’s time but has been part of world tradition for a long time which makes it difficult for it to be completely eliminated. People today are trying to pave way for deinstitutionalizing dowry as a ritual and making it better for brides to get married. (Also read How much is a Sand Dollar worth?)

9. How much is a Camel worth in Egypt?

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Egypt is the pyramids, which are huge man-made structures. Egypt is known to have one of the largest camel markets in the world called the Birqash Camel Market. We saw how many camels are you worth but how much is a camel worth in Egypt? At this market, camels can be sold for approximately $200 – $400 per individual animal, but this does change according to the fit, age, and type of camel.

This trade of camels has been an important part of the region for a long time for food, fur, and transport as well. The camel commonly found in Egypt is the one-humped camel aka dromedary camel which is sold or exchanged in the markets. (See 9 facts about Egyptian Swastika)

10. How much is a Camel in Saudi?

Saudi Arabia is another place where camels are a popular and important animal that can be connected back to the region’s heritage and tradition. Camel is considered to be the ship of the desert and traded in Saudi for milk, meat, and racing. There are even websites where you can buy and sell camels online. The price range for a camel is estimated between $3 to $5 per kilogram but this price changes according to demand and shortages. The camel is also the national animal of Saudi Arabia pumping up its importance and value. (See How much is 6 Million Pennies?)

11. Can you buy a camel?

The answer to can you buy a camel is yes if you have the money, you definitely can! They are even sold online on websites through which you can buy and sell them. Camels are big animals that need enough space and proper care in order to live happy life. They are also regarded as friendly creatures with an intellect level of an eight-year-old, so why not get a friendly eight-year-old with you? 

Camels are gentle. Camels are smart. Camels are friendly. We looked into certain questions revolving around these brown animals and could get answers to some such as how many camels are you worth, how many goats are worth a camel, and whether can you buy a camel or not. Hope this helps you know a bit more about these amazing creatures! (Also read How much is a Pet Lion?)

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