How much is a Pet Lion?

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Lions have been on our planet for centuries. They are considered the most fearful animals in the forest. There is only one lion specie called Panthera leo, but you can find several breeds of lions. A lion can easily attack its prey with its strong teeth and claws. Can this fearful animal be kept at home? Is it safe to keep a lion? How much is a pet lion? How much does a lion cost? Can you buy lion in India? Is it legal to keep a lion as a pet? Let’s find it all. Continue reading!

1. Can you buy a Lion as a Pet? Can Lions be Domesticated?

Image by Ian Lindsay from Pixabay

Yes, lions can be bought as pets at exotic animal auctions. Also, it can be purchased from private breeders. But before you buy a pet lion, you must check the regulations regarding the domestication of the lion in your state. However, it is advised not to keep big cats in the household.

It would be best if you had some basic arrangements for the domestication of the lion. You have to build a cage and arrange for food supplements. Before you know how much is a pet lion, you must have the basic knowledge of domesticating large carnivores. (See Do Squirrels Make Good Pets? Can they be domesticated?)

2. Can you have a Tiger as a Pet? Can Tigers be Domesticated?

The majority of US states have banned the domestication of wild cats. Wild cats as babies look adorable, but growing up, they become fearful. Tigers don’t make great pets. But the most important thing is to obtain the necessary permits if your state allows tiger keeping.

The owners must fulfill a few conditions before domesticating a tiger. A few of these are:

  • You must be financially stable.
  • You must have proper knowledge of handling the animal.
  • You should have a qualified caretaker.
  • Your home should be in secluded areas.
  • Your state must have regulations for domesticating tigers. Also, check out how strong is a Tiger compared to a Human?

3. How much is a Pet Lion? How much does a Lion cost?

They could be adopted for Rs. 3.15 lakhs annually. An adult lion would cost $5,000. The cost would go up to $15,000, depending on the breed of the lion. Moreover, the answer to how much is a pet lion varies and goes higher if the lion is unique and exotic.

It is only the initial cost of buying a lion; it doesn’t include maintenance and other needs. The lion owner needs to pay tax costs to the state for its domestication. Additionally, the owner needs to pay for insurance coverage. Approximately $14,000 is required to feed African lions in a year. (See What are the Best Monkeys for Pets?)

4. How much does a Lion cost for a Zoo?

The lion can be bought at any cost ranging from $5000 to $15000, depending upon its breed. But it doesn’t contain the additional charges for its maintenance, supplements, and other necessities. Thus, summing up the question, how much a lion cost will end up in crores. Also, check out the 20 largest Zoo in the World.

5. How much does a Lion Cub cost? How much does a Baby Lion cost?

Image by Ian Lindsay from Pixabay

As we are on the topic of how much is a pet lion, note that the price of the lion cubs is slightly less than adult lions. Their price range is between $1600 and $15000, depending on the breed and uniqueness of the animal. The breeds will alter the rates of baby lions. But talking about the rarest breed of lions, you need to invest much more, i.e. $280,000 for white lions. (See How much does it cost to buy a horse?)

6. What is Baby Lion Price in Dubai?

It is illegal to have lions as pets in Dubai. But you can buy one on the black market. It is estimated that the white lion costs around $50,000

7. How many Lions does the Royal Family of Dubai have as Pets?

Though keeping lions as pets is illegal in Dubai, the royal family has outlawed them. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, Dubai’s prince, is an animal lover. He has several animals, including a white-maned lion named Moochi. (See What is a Group of Monkeys Called?)

8. What is White Lion Price in Dollars and Rupees?

Image by Gerald Friedrich from Pixabay

How much is a pet lion if the breed is the great white lion? The white lions can cost up to $140,000, but you need to drop $280,000 for a pair of white lions, as white lions prefer living in a group. This cost is approximately Rs 1,09,26,503 for a single white lion. Must read about the 7 fun facts about White Lions.

9. Baby Lion Cubs for Sale in USA? Lion Cubs for Sale UK

The cost of a baby lion ranges between $1600 and $15000 in the USA. It is about 1312.42 to 12303.90 pounds. (See Why Do Bunnies Hop?

10. How much is a Lion on the Black Market?

How much is a pet lion? The price of lions on black markets is approximately Rs. 550,000. The price of a lion varies from country to country and according to breed. The African lion would cost up to $1000. (See 8 Types of Good Emotional Support Dogs)

11. Is it Illegal to own a Lion?

The legal right to own a lion as a pet depends on the country you reside. It is legal in the UK, Thailand, and a few others.

12. From Where can I buy a Lion?

You can buy a lion as a pet at exotic animal auctions or private breeders. (See Where do Red Pandas live in USA?)

13. In which Country we can Pet Lion?

It is legal to keep tigers and lions as pets in Thailand and a few other South-East Asian nations. But it is completely banned in the majority of states in the USA. Depending upon laws, different countries have distinct provisions regarding the domestication of wild cats like lions and tigers.  

14. Can I buy a Lion Cub in India?

They can be adopted for Rs 3.15 lakh annually. However, as a regular citizen, you can’t buy a lion in India. (See  What is the Total Cost to Summit Mt Everest?)

15. How to buy Lion in India?

There are provisions regarding the adoption of lions in India. But as there are only 500 to 650 extremely Asiatic lions in India, it is illegal to buy lions in India.

16. Explain Lion Cub Adoption Process in Brief?

Several zoos in India offer a facility to adopt lions. Following are the steps for adoption of a lion cub from Indira Gandhi Zoo, Visakhapatnam, India:

  • Select Lion in the Animal field and choose the donation module.
From From

Other zoos that offer an online adoption process are listed below:

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