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How Long does a Tesla Battery Last without Charging?

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The battery capacity of an electric vehicle is important to know before you purchase an electric car. If you are going to purchase an electric vehicle, then, first of all, thank you for taking a step forward toward a greener and healthy planet. In this article, we will answer the question that you have in your mind because you are about to purchase a new car. These questions are how long does a tesla battery last without charging? We have also answered other questions that you have in your mind like how long does Tesla battery last in a day and how long does Tesla battery last per charge?

1. How Long does it Take to Charge a Tesla Battery?

Even this is an important question for a manufacturer; this has caused new inventions in this field, such as the lithium battery. But we are here to resolve the queries from the purchaser’s view side. The answer to how long does it take to charge a Tesla Battery depends on a number of factors such as battery capacity, how much the battery has, charging method, and other factors. We have provided a table that will give you a clear idea of how long it will take to charge your battery:

Charging methods Time in hours
Level 1 AC (120 V outlet at home) 20-40
AC Level 2 (third-party chargers/tesla home chargers/Teslachargers) 8-12
Level 3 DCFC (Tesla Supercharger) 15-25 minutes

2. How Long does Tesla Battery Last Per Charge?

It is important to know how long your Tesla can travel after a full charge because only if you know that then only you will be able to travel your trip. So, here we will answer this question for you so you can decide where and when you will be required to charge. It is difficult to tell if you measure it in time because not everyone travels the same distance each day.

 So, how long does a Tesla battery last without charging? Well, for some with a single charge, one may continue with that for many days, and some only for a few days. So, we have made a table that will tell you the range. Keep reading to know about it. 

Tesla Model Range in miles
Model S 375
Model S Plaid 348
Model 3 Standard Range 267
Model 3 Long Range 334
Model 3 Performance 315
Model X 332
Model Plaid 313
Model Y Long Range 318
Model Y Performance 303

We have provided these ranges for each model, but these ranges can vary depending on the weather of the place, how you drive, the speed at which you travel, stop-and-go driving, uphill driving, short trips, and other important factors. Must Read All Battery Sizes with Pictures.

3. How Long does a Tesla Battery Last without Charging?

JAN23 How Long does a Tesla Battery Last without Charging
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In the above question, we have provided the range for each charge that will tell you how long does a Tesla battery last without charging. So, you can travel the estimated range depending on the model without charging the battery, but it will definitely last for at least 267 miles. Moreover, it is recommended not to get your battery to a very low charge. 

4. How Long does Tesla Battery Last in a Day?

If you travel in Tesla, then the Tesla battery will be decided by how much you have traveled, but if your car has been parked and not used in a day, then the Tesla car may consume just 1 percent. This one percent is an estimate, and the consumption may be higher than one percent also. Another case is a natural decrease in the capacity of the battery over time. (Also read Where is Lexus Made?)

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