How does Society Shape the Lives of People inside It?

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A society is a group of individuals that interact with one another and create relationships based on likenesses and differences. Men are social beings who express their character by forming and re-creating groups that regulate and guide their conduct in a variety of ways. Society shapes a person’s life by guiding him through various phases and stages which make him stronger and gives him a sense of responsibility, personality, and individuality. Individuals in society play many roles throughout their lives, and these roles and status shape their lives. Let’s explore further and learn in-depth about how does society shape the lives of people inside it and how does social structure affect life?

1. Why do you need Society?

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The ultimate purpose of society is to encourage a good and happy existence for each of its members. It provides the conditions and chances for the overall development of an individual’s personality. Despite occasional disagreements and difficulties, society promotes harmony and collaboration among individuals. The following reasons will help you understand how does society shape the lives of people inside it: 

  • Societies build patterns of conduct by classifying some activities or modes of communication as acceptable or unacceptable.
  • Our status in society is determined either through birth which is ascribed status or through achievements which are achieved status. It gives us a platform from which we direct our collective efforts toward advancing our social positions.
  • Most importantly, society plays an important role in promoting uniformity throughout life.

2. Does Man shape Society or does Society shape a Man?

Every human is a social being who lives in a society, also, society is a group of humans, which leads us to believe that both of these co-exist and one cannot exist without the other. Every society has its ideas and beliefs which help in forming the morals of a person and on the other hand, these morals and beliefs will have no existence if they are not carried through ages by a human being.

So, how does society shape the lives of people inside it? The influence of humans helps society change and grows to newer ideologies and on the other hand, the morals and ethics of a society help a person in staying attached to his roots and guide him throughout his life. Hence, man is dependent on society and society is dependent on man. (Read What are Man vs Society Disney Movies Conflict Examples?)

3. Does Society shape You and Your Values?

Yes. But, how does society shape the lives of people inside it? Every society has its own dominant cultures, beliefs, and ideology by which it acts, these beliefs play an important role in shaping the values of a person. These values help a person in determining the activities that are considered to be ethical and acceptable, which soon become an important aspect of the character of any human being.

The influence of a person on society cannot be understated as well because the individual actions of a person can help broaden the ideologies of society but still it can always be believed that a society is very important in forming the values of a person. Must see How does Society Influence You?

4. What does it Mean to Shape Society?

It is common knowledge that every society has its dominant beliefs and ideas which are very important in shaping a person, but that does not mean that a person plays no role in prevailing to shape society. The influence of a person through strong acts and success can also help in shaping society and its beliefs. Society and humans move in synchronization as both depend on each other to grow and learn. (See What are the Characteristics of Population?)

5. How does Society shape the Lives of People inside it?

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Social institutions such as the media, school, government, family, and religion all have a significant impact on a person’s identity. So, how does society shape the lives of people inside it? Belonging to a specific social institution can decide how much authority we have in life, thereby influencing our life experiences and shaping society. The roles we play in society shape our values; while the majority of the mainstream defines the importance of values in society, it has chosen the position of determining what is ethically or morally acceptable.

We frequently discover that the dominant culture impacts our viewpoints, and as a result, our ideas are molded by what other people do, which is how influences shape society. Because the nuclear family is society’s first role model, they are supposed to play the most significant function; they have been in charge of teaching young men and women what is considered moral and ethical. With such obligations, parents, in particular, are held accountable for the consequences of their children’s actions.

Our moral code directs us to engage in behaviors that satisfy the norms to which we restrict our demands and choices when making daily judgments. This is your answer to how does society shape the lives of people inside it. Must read about the Study: How Human Society Think?

6. How does Society shape a Person?

The role that society plays in developing the character of a person is very crucial as it always holds some beliefs and ideas to extreme importance which plays a big role in molding the character and thought process of a human. Society helps a person in understanding his moral grounds and in establishing a clear idea of what is expected of the person. The dominant belief in society creates an image of what is acceptable in society thus shaping the person to live up to the standards. However, there are some social norms that shouldn’t be accepted in our society. (See What is an Example of a Social Concept?)

7. How does Social Structure affect Life?

The distinctive, long-lasting arrangement of institutions that determines the ways people interact and co-exist in a society is known as social structure. The notion of social structure is frequently discussed together with the concept of social change, which focuses on the processes that modify the social structure and the organization of society.

Therefore, the reason to how does social structure affect life is that it has a big impact on systems like the legal, political, economic, cultural, etc the framework upon which a society is constructed, based on social roles, class, social networks, and status, can affect health, values, professional accomplishment, and a sense of belonging in society. Therefore, it signifies that social structure affects by influencing people’s behaviors and supports their perceptions, attitudes, and actions which further end up bringing social change. (See How can You be a Good Citizen in Your Country?)

8. In What Ways can Social Influence have a Positive Impact on Behavior?

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In contrast to persuasion, which is typically planned and requires some consciousness on the side of the target, social influence refers to both intentional and involuntary efforts to affect another person’s beliefs, attitudes, or behavior. Furthermore, social influence has various positive results, such as exposing adolescents to healthy social standards like academic motivation, peer cooperation, financial contributions, and volunteering for a noble cause.

When teenagers are exposed to the behaviors and norms of others and witness the positive results that others obtain as a result of such behaviors, social influence affects them as they embrace these social expectations and behave positively in the following scenarios. People are more inclined to engage in an activity if they have learned that it is good, desired, or justifiable rather than undesirable over time.

Peers and family members serve as role models for them as they learn these definitions through imitation and eventual rewards and punishment. Even though there may be norm conflict between definitions promoted by peers and parents, such definitions will determine whether a teenager approves of the social norm and engages in the behavior. (See How peer pressure may influence an individual?)

9. What is the Importance of Values in the Society?

Values, like a guiding compass, assist us to live with goals and direction because our values can show us the way forward and drive our decision-making no matter what is going on in our life. This is crucial to understand if we want to know how does society shape the lives of people inside it. Our sense of self is closely related to our values, which also determines the importance of values in the society for sustaining our mental health since they convey our perceptions of what is good and wrong based on our opinions.

Further, it helps our personal and professional development by assisting us in constructing the future we want. People must work hard to maintain good ideals such as compassion and honesty if they want a better society, because values are extremely important in society, contributing to its development and making our society a lot more pleasant place to live. Check out What are Some Values and Norms Examples?

10. How the Society plays an Important Role in Molding your Concept of the Self?

How does society shape the lives of people inside it? Society has a huge influence on teenage behavior, character, and attitude; it shapes how they perceive people, their general outlook, and their ethics. Children pick up ideals from a society that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives, even though parents can also have an impact on all of these aspects.

Age, personality, race and ethnicity, disability, gender, relationships, sexuality, education, employment, and unemployment are all factors that might influence one’s self-concept. Individual points of view, mindsets, reasons, or interpretations that one attaches to a certain behavior that characterizes it as good or bad, proper or incorrect, justified or unjustified, acceptable or improper are all influenced by society which makes individuals identify their personality. (Also read How can individuals contribute to bringing change in society)

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