Do wolves naturally attack humans?

What To Do If You Are Attacked By A Pack Of Wolves? Are Wolves Dangerous to Humans?
  1. Wolves naturally avoid humans

    As per Wikipedia; wolves naturally possess the nature of avoiding humans and do not attempt to hunt them intentionally. Few scientists also state that this does not happen or might have occurred very less. But, there are a few events in which the wolves have attacked humans for various reasons.

  2. Wandering near its pups

    This happens with loads of animals, including wolves. If they see humans wandering near their pups and if the wolf thinks that this person might be a threat to his pups in that situation, they might attack. Therefore, to defend its pups, it can attack humans.

  3. Provoking the wolf directly

    In case, if a human directly provokes the wolf in any way, such as, by continually coming near to him or his pups, then they might attack. But, these kinds of attacks have been infrequent.

  4. Rabies induced attacks

    As per Wikipedia, rabies is uncommon in wolves, but if a wolf has rabies then it might result in aggression and loss of control, due to which it might attack humans randomly.

  5. Abusing the wolf

    In case if a person ill-treats with the wolf-like mistreating a captured wolf. In such situations, the wolf might attack humans to protect themselves.

  6. Testing the victim’s power

    If a wolf is hungry, then he might attack humans just to test its strengths and weaknesses. But in such attacks, the wolf does not persist and leaves.

  7. Motivated by hunger

    The attack that is motivated by hunger is called a determined predatory attack. These are the events when a wolf kills humans to eat them.

  8. Stealing human children

    There have been a few cases where because of immense hunger, wolves get inside the human camps and steal a human child. Such cases have been reported in India various times.

  9. Food competition

    A wolf might attack humans if he thinks that he is competing with him for his food. In such situations, the wolf might chase the human and become very aggressive. (See Why do sharks attack humans?)

  10. To drive people out of its terrority

    There are a few cases where the wolves think that it is their territory and they decide to take humans from it. Here, the aim of the wolf is not to eat humans but to kill them or take them away from their region.

  11. Women and children are more vulnerable

    As per a worldwide 2002 study done by the Norwegian Institute of Nature Research, women and children are more unsafe as the wolves usually prefer picking p the weakest victim while attacking. (See What should you do if you are attacked by a pack of wolves?)

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