Do wolves naturally attack humans?

What To Do If You Are Attacked By A Pack Of Wolves? Are Wolves Dangerous to Humans?

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  1. 1 Wolves naturally avoid humans

    According to Wikipedia, wolves avoid humans by nature and would not try to hunt them intentionally. Some scientists say that the event is very rare or even non-existent but many accounts have shown that wolves can sometimes attack humans for various reasons.

  2. 2 Wandering near its pups

    A wolf can attack a human to defend its pups. If a human came near its pups and if the wolf believed that this human represents a threat then the wolf might attack the human.

  3. 3 Provoking the wolf directly

    If a wolf was provoked directly by a human, by consistently coming near it for example, then the wolf might attack that human. Those kinds of attacks are usually rare.

  4. 4 Rabies induced attacks

    If a wolf got rabies disease, a disease that results in aggression and loss of control, they can start attacking humans randomly. According to Wikipedia, rabies is not common among wolves.

  5. 5 Abusing the wolf

    If a person mistreated a wolf, for example by mistreating a captive wolf, then this wolf might attack that human to defend itself.

  6. 6 Testing the victim's power

    A hungry wolf could attack a victim briefly to explore its strengths and weaknesses. In those kinds of attacks the wolf usually doesn't persist and leaves.

  7. 7 Motivated by hunger

    That kind of attack is called a determined predatory attack. In such a case, the wolf can attack a person to kill it in order to consume it.

  8. 8 Stealing human children

    In some cases, wolves that are motivated by hunger can sneak in human camps and steal a human child. Many cases of that kind of attack were reported in India.

  9. 9 Food competition

    A wolf can attack a human if it believed that it's competing with it for its food. In such a case, the wolf can become aggressive and chase the human.

  10. 10 To drive people out of its terrority

    In some cases, a wolf can get aggressive and decide to drive humans out of its territory. In such a case, the wolf usually doesn't eat the human as its primarily goal is to drive him away or kill him.

  11. 11 Women and children are more vulnerable

    According to a worldwide 2002 study by the Norwegian Institute of Nature Research, children and women are more vulnerable to wolf attacks since the wolf usually picks the weakest victim when attacking. See what to do if a wolf approaches you.

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