10 Best Cigarette Brands

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Studies have shown that cigarettes are one of the top-most consumed products across the globe. They are a symbol of social status for some, while a need for others. We have compiled a list of the ten best cigarette brands in the world.

1. Marlboro

Many smokers consider Marlboro as a lifestyle and not just as one of the best cigarette brands. Marlboro is manufactured by Philip Morris in the United States and is the highest-selling brand in the country. Most young adults prefer smoking Marlboro cigarettes along with two other heavily advertised brands, Newport and Camel. The different varieties of this brand include Menthol, Advance, Clove, and Red. Marlboro cigarettes were initially targeted at women, with the cigarettes having a red band around filters to hide the stains of lipstick worn by them. However, later it was consumed by men too.

2. Camel

There is always an ongoing debate about the best cigarette brands. Camel cigarettes are known for their smooth texture, rich taste, and slow-burning. Many people prefer these for their superior quality cotton filters. This brand was launched in America in 1913 and is currently owned and marketed by R.J Reynolds Tobacco Company within the US. Outside the US, it is marketed by Japan Tobacco. Camel takes pride in its unique blend of Turkish and Virginian tobacco. It has gained fans all over the world for its distinctive taste. Not only do they have trendy, aesthetically pleasing packaging but also unique advertisement campaigns. (See 13 Psychological Reasons People Smoke Cigarettes)

3. Pall Mall

Pall Mall is also marketed by R.J Reynolds. It is one of the most expensive and top cigarette brands in the world. Pall Mall is produced in two different sizes, long and short. They are known for their rich flavor and design. A specific technique is used while stuffing the tobacco and charcoal inside these cigarettes. There are various varieties of Pall Mall available in the market. These include black, blue, white, orange, and green. Each of these varieties differs in their menthol content and the intensity of tobacco in them.

4. Parliament

Parliament is also one of the best cigarette brands that are available in the market. Philip Morris markets and sells these cigarettes in the US. They are very popular among business owners and entrepreneurs. Parliament holds pride in being the first brand of cigarettes that come with paper filters allowing only the nicotine to reach the smokers’ mouths. Like other brands, they too come in various varieties including White, Green, Silvers, and Kings packs. While Green Pack entirely has a menthol flavor, the White pack has menthol lights, and both Kings and Silvers have menthol ultralights. They are known for their unique fragrance and superior taste. (See Marijuana: 8 Reasons Why was it made illegal in the first place)

5. Lucky Strike

Lucky Strike is known for its signature taste that is produced by toasting the tobacco leaves during preparation. Many consider it to be the simplest yet most effective cigarette as it does not require a blend of Virginia and Turkish tobacco to get this rich flavor. It was first launched as chewing tobacco but later evolved into a cigarette. Lucky Strike takes pride in the toasting of its leaves rather than the usual sun drying. It used the same fact in all of its advertising campaigns. Being introduced in 1871, it is one of the oldest running cigarette brands in the world.

6. Newport

Newport too is one of the best cigarette brands in the market today. They are low-budget, highly rich, and satisfying cigarettes. They are known to burn slow and taste good. It is one of the strong cigarettes with a high amount of nicotine. Their menthol cigarettes are loved and preferred by many. In fact, Newport is the best-selling menthol cigarette in the world. It is available in various varieties including the Newports Box, Newports Smooth Select, Newports Menthol Blue, and Green. (See Why do People like vaping?)

7. Benson & Hedges

While talking about the best cigarette brands, Benson & Hedges has placed themselves pretty on this list. Benson & Hedges is currently run by British American Tobacco, Japan Tobacco, and Philip Morris International. This brand is known for its not too harsh yet not too mild flavors. It is a British cigarette brand and has uncontaminated Virginia tobacco. However, due to its very strong nicotine content, it can also be considered to be one of the most harmful. B&H are dual flavored cigarettes and come in varieties such as Silver, Gold, Gold Superkings, and White.

8. Dunhill

Dunhill was launched by John and Hunter Thompson. It is one of the most famous luxury cigarette brands. Dunhill is manufactured by the British American tobacco company. It was founded in 1907, and since then it has managed to hold a reputation for its cigarettes. Many people love Dunhill for its rich and creamy taste. These cigarettes also have a unique aftertaste. There are various varieties of Dunhill available in the market, out of which, Dunhill Switch is very popular among young adults. (See Top 10 Smokeless Tobacco Brands)

9. Davidoff

Davidoff holds a reputation for its super stylish and excellent quality cigarettes. People love this luxury brand for its great filters and taste. Davidoff is a Swiss brand and is currently owned by the Imperial Tobacco company. There are numerous variants available that come at affordable to high-range costs. For instance, Zino is one of their most expensive variants.

10. Insignia

Insignia is an Indian brand and is produced by the world-famous ITC. Insignia holds a reputation for its smooth flow and taste. It is mostly popular among college-going students. It comes in a single variant and trendy black matt packaging. It is one of the most expensive and best cigarette brands in India.

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