A Group of Mountains is Called?

What are Groups of Mountains Close Together called? What’s a Compact Group of Mountains? What is a Row of Mountains called?

You are familiar with various types of landforms like mountains, highlands, plateaus, etc. In this article, you will be reading an elaborate discussion on it, especially on mountains. They are elevated landforms with steep slopes and pointed peaks much higher than the sea level. Mountains form when the earth’s plates collide with each other, which takes a long period of time. But whenever you talk about mountains, you might end up with questions like what is a chain of mountains known as, what group of mountains is called, etc. Through this piece, we will try to address the queries and provide detailed knowledge about mountains and their types or various forms.

1. Is a Group or Chain of Mountains Correct?

Yes, both of them are correct. You can use both the terms group of mountains and chain of mountains as per your requirement. (See What are Some Words to Describe a Mountain?)

2. A Group of Mountains is Called What?

A chain or group of mountains is called a mountain range. It is a row of mountains interconnected or joined with each other, forming a chain shape. It is created by the movement of tectonic plates or a usual process known as Orogeny. Other than supporting living beings and the environment, mountains have a significant role in climate change which in turn help us in our day-to-day life.

A few examples are

  • Great dividing range
  • Ethiopian Highlands
  • The Great Himalayas

3. What are Groups of Mountains Close Together called?

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A group of mountains is called a mountain belt or a mountain range, that closes together. These are connected by high grounds and are usually ranged by line. The mountain belts can be found mostly in the tectonic plate boundaries. One of the characteristic features of mountain belts is that they are formed by the collisions of the ancient plate which formulate the modern-day continents. (See What Country has the Most Mountain Belts?)

4. What’s a Compact Group of Mountains?

A compact group of mountains is called a Massif. A Massif is a principal mass or connected group of mountains that form an independent portion of a range. It can be characterized by a section of the earth’s crust that is separated by faults without an internal change. An example is the Massif central of the Auvergne region of France. (See What is the Difference between a Mountain and a Plateau?)

5. What is a Row of Mountains called?

A row of mountains is called a Mountain Chain. It is characterized by a linear shape of interconnected mountains within a range of larger mountains. The most common type of mountain chain is the elongated fold mountains.


  • The Andes, the world’s longest mountain chain, is about 7000 kilometers.
  • The Appalachians

6. What is a Circle of Mountains called?

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A circle of mountains is called a Ridge or a Mountain Ridge. A ridge is defined as a type of mountain with a long distant elevated crest at the top within a group of mountains. There are various types of ridges, such as Dendritic ridges, stratigraphic ridges, Oceanic spreading ridges, Crater ridges, Volcanic ridges, Dune ridges, Fault ridges, shutter ridges, pressure ridges, reefs, and many more.

A few examples of Mountain Ridges are:

  • Sierra Nevadas
  • The Appalachians

7. What is Another Name for Mountain Range?

Another name for a mountain range is Cordillera. The name originated from the old Spanish word cord or little rope. This rope includes a number of parallel chains. In North America, the mountains between the Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Nevadas are known as Cordillera. (See How do Mountains affect Dry Areas like Nevada?)

8. Can You Name a Mountain Range?

Yes, the Himalayas is the world’s highest mountain range located in the Asian Continent. Separating the Indian plains from the Tibetan plateaus, this range includes the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest, 8,849 meters high.

A few more examples are:

  • The Alps
  • The Rocky Mountains
  • The Andes

9. What do You call a Long Chain of Hills?

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A long chain of hills is known as a Hill Chain or Ridge. It is a form of complex topographic structure which occurs usually on plains.

A few examples of hill range are:

  • The Argonne Hill Chain is located in France
  • The Malvern Hills in England

We hope we could provide you with a clear idea regarding the mountains. It happens to play a very crucial role in climatic changes and provides a balance in the ecosystem and biodiversity. So, if you are interested in knowing what a group of mountains is called or you want to gather geographical knowledge about a circle of mountains or a mountain range, hopefully, this article provides a solution for all of it! (Also read What is the Difference Between Hills and Mountains?)

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