15 Signs That Someone Hates Themselves

Self-Loathing: 15 Signs You Hate Yourself And Don’t Even Realize It | Why Self-Hatred Occurs and How to Stop It?
  1. They hate others

    People who hate themselves usually hate others as well. The amount of hatred the person has in their hearts can sometimes extend to include other people as well.

  2. They are very critical

    When a person hates themselves, their own self-talk will be harsh and critical. As the critical and negative thoughts become the person’s normal way of thinking, they might criticize others as well. People who always criticize others badly may be self-haters.

  3. They might be racists

    One of the reasons for being racist is the desire to put a group of people down in order to feel good about oneself. A person who hates themselves might become hateful and resentful towards other groups of people.

  4. They might be very sarcastic

    Sarcasm can be one indirect method of releasing aggression and hatred. While a normal person might use sarcasm sometimes, a self-hater might be overly critical and sarcastic. (See Why do people criticize others?)

  5. They have poor relationships

    People who hate themselves might have bad social relationships with others. Because the person is unable to love themselves, they can hardly deal or interact with others properly.

  6. They can hardly love others

    When a person hates themselves, they might have problems developing emotions of love towards others. The fact that the person wasn’t taught to love themselves might prevent them from developing those emotions in social situations.

  7. They are very envious

    When a person hates themselves, they will usually become very envious of others. The cause of envy in such a case is finding that others are living better lives than them.

  8. They might try to harm others

    People who hate themselves might try to harm the ones who seem more fortunate than them. Aggression, violence and even terrorism might be some of the ways the self-hater uses to harm those who have better lives than them.

  9. They might lack empathy

    When a person hates themselves, they might lack empathy towards others. The person can thus be mean to others or do ruthless acts just because they don’t have empathy for them.

  10. They might be very nosy

    When a person hates themselves, they might become very curious and nosy in order to make sure that others are suffering the way they do. Those people might become interested in collecting information about others in order to make sure that they are not happy. (See What makes people Nosey?)

  11. They are very pessimistic

    When a person hates themselves, they develop a great amount of pessimism. Those people see everything from the negative side, which is another reason why they might be very critical.

  12. They are resentful

    People who hate themselves are usually very resentful. They are not happy or satisfied with their lives, which is why they carry a great amount of hate.

  13. They always complain

    People who hate themselves might complain about anything and everything. The fact that they are highly dissatisfied with their lives motivates them to complain about everything.

  14. They escape from reality

    When a person gets very unhappy with who they are, they might start to look for ways that can help them run away from reality. Becoming internet addicts, using drugs or developing social isolation are among the methods those people might use to escape from reality.

  15. They hate happy people

    People who hate themselves usually hate to see others happy. They will feel really bad and jealous if they found someone feeling happy and they might even try to bring those happy people down.

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