10 Side effects of Dying Hair with Henna

Are there side effects of using henna in your hair? Side effects of Dying Hair with Henna
  1. The pure form of Henna doesn’t have side effects

    The purest form of henna, the one that doesn’t include any additives or additional chemicals, is not known to cause any side effects. This type of henna gives a reddish-orange color.

  2. Black Henna is not pure

    The pure Henna gives a reddish orange color. Black Henna is obtained after mixing pure Henna with some ingredients, usually Para-phenylenediamine (PPD). In many cases, those ingredients aren’t natural and so they can cause problems.

  3. PPD might cause allergies

    Para-phenylenediamine (PPD) is a chemical that is sometimes added to henna to intensify the color. PPD can cause allergic reactions to some people if it came in contact with the skin. This includes itching, redness and burning.

  4. Rough hair

    If harmful chemicals are added to the Henna then they might lead to roughness of hair in addition to damaging of hair shafts. Pure Henna doesn’t cause this problem.

  5. Eye redness

    If Henna came in contact with the eyes it can cause eye redness.

  6. Lawsone is a mutagen

    The dye responsible for Henna’s color is a mutagen and it can cause damage to cell DNA. (See Why do we develop grey or white hair?)

  7. Dry hair

    Some people report having dry hair after using Henna. Using a conditioner afterwards can remedy the problem.

  8. Connections with cancer

    Some people suggest that the DNA changes Lawsone can cause can lead to cancer. Lawsone is a natural component of Henna and is present in the leaves of its plant.

  9. PPD can cause death

    In some rare cases, the unnatural component of Henna, PPD, can lead to death. This is a very rare complication but it can happen with people who are extremely allergic to it.

  10. PPD might be bad during pregnancy

    During pregnancy, the immune system gets weaker, and as a result, the PPD in black henna might cause allergic reactions. (See Why Keratin hair treatment is bad for you?)

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