Why Steve Jobs used to Fire people often?

Alex Williams
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  1. He was a perfectionist

  2. He only wanted people who believed in his vision the way he did

    Jobs used to fire people who didn’t seem to believe much in his vision. He only wanted to keep the people who believed everything he said. If a person challenged Job’s future plans he was more likely to fire him.

  3. He had very high quality standards

    Jobs had extremely high quality standards and he expected all of his employees to share his passion for quality. People who didn’t adhere to his high quality standards usually got fired.

  4. Success of apple was a matter of life and death for him

    Steve Jobs wanted apple to leave a big impact on the universe at any cost. Whenever he felt that someone might slow down apple or prevent it from achieving its important goals he quickly fired him. (See How did Steve Jobs start the Apple company?)

  5. He had low patience and tolerance

    Steve jobs had low patience and tolerance. He would easily lose temper and burst in anger. This is why he used to fire people randomly without previous planning. Its believed that he used to fire people after meeting them for seconds in the elevator.

  6. He wanted only people who believed that nothing is impossible

    Jobs only wanted to keep employees who believed that everything is possible. He used to fire the ones who believed that he was demanding too much and that Apple couldn’t achieve the goals he has set. (See Why was Steve Jobs so persuasive?)

  7. He understood the importance of having the right people

    Jobs understood that when the right people are put together they can achieve any goal. Because of that belief he used to fire anyone who didn’t seem like he can help the team achieve its goals.

  8. He had an insensitive side

    Jobs was sometimes very sensitive but in other times, especially when he fired employees, he was very insensitive. This insensitive side made it easier for him to fire people.

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