Why some countries banned Qnet?

QNet Is A scam In India or Legit? Why some countries banned Qnet?
  1. Believing it’s a pyramid scheme

    In some countries, authorities described Qnet as a pyramid scheme, a scheme where people who join first make money then the ones who join later make less money, and as a result, it was banned.

  2. Money leaving the country

    Some countries such as Sri lanka and Iran banned Qnet for resulting in sending a large amount of money outside the country in the form of product purchases.

  3. Violation of tax laws

    In some countries such as Rwanda Qnet was accused of the violation of tax laws. The problem was resolved later on.

  4. Highly controversial

    Qnet is a highly controversial company that results in strong debates between people. This controversy forces some governments to intervene.

  5. Harming the economy

    In some countries, Qnet was believed to be a source of harm to the economy, and as a result, it was banned. (See Is Qnet a scam)

  6. Inferior products

    Some governments banned Qnet after claiming that the company provides low quality products that aren’t worth the money people pay.

  7. Massive popularity

    When Qnet enters a market successfully it becomes highly popular. This popularity leads to controversy which sometimes leads to problems with governments.

  8. Loud, angry voices

    Qnet usually results in raising loud, angry voices in each country it enters. Depending on the power and the influence of those angry voices the governments might respond with a ban.

  9. Believing it’s a scam

    Some government officials believed that Qnet is a scam and as a result they had to ban it. (See Why do people fall victim to scams?)

  10. Avoiding taxes

    In some countries, officials complained about the fact that Qnet representatives, people who join Qnet, can fully avoid paying taxes.

  11. Going against religious laws

    In some countries, such as Egypt Qnet was considered forbidden by Islamic law. While this didn’t result in a ban, it added to the controversy surrounding Qnet.

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  1. Good morning : if I want to be doing business with QNET, what was the requirements. And what was my benefits

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