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Why My Room is too Cold?

Though there are people who love cold weather, a continuously chilling room is not something anyone would want. After all, you want a room, not a chiller. So, to fix this you have to know the reason behind the dropping temperatures in your room. Now, you are wondering why my room is too cold. Continue reading to learn how to fix a cold room.

1. Why is My Room so Cold at Night?

Overall, the atmospheric temperature falls at night, but that does not mean the room will convert into a refrigerator. There are reasons why is my room so cold at night despite the fact that other rooms are warm.

A) Cracks in the Wall

This is the most common thing that goes unnoticed until winter. Sometimes, due to the expansion and contraction of materials, the wall develops cracks that increase gradually enough for air to pass into the room. This is noticeable in winter when despite all the heating only your room is not warm, and that’s why my room is too cold. 

B) Windows and Doors Having Gaps

If the windows and doors in the room have gaps between the frame and wall, it can possibly make all heating efforts go in vain. Air can easily enter from these long wide slits. This happens when the bonding falls off after years of usage, or it was not properly done in the first place.

C) High Ceilings

Rooms with high walls and ceilings create more space in the room. The heat from the vents rises higher, which takes more time to warm the ceiling. If the heater is not strong enough and is not producing much heat, then the room may stay cold overnight. You can take it as a reason why my room is too cold.

D) Closed Vents

People neglect the importance of vents in their rooms. A vent helps in circulating the heat in your room, warms it quickly, and keeps it warm. So, your room is cold because you have blocked one of the vents in your room. This may not seem a big deal, but those vents were made considering the structure of the room and closing or blocking them with furniture or any other decoration is hindering the flow. Also, see How to Prevent Rain from Entering your House?

E) Air Vents Are Dirty

Air vents are always unnoticed, and you skip them while cleaning the house. They get filled with dust and spider webs leading to a clogged vent. A dirty vent can also be a reason for the cold room.

F) Door Left Open

Just like people forget to turn on the light while leaving the room, sometimes this happens with the doors also. They might be a small opening that lets in the cold air, making your room cold at night. The cold air replaces the warm heater air, turning the room cold.

2. Why My Room is too Cold Always?

If you notice that your room is cold all the time, there can be some more reasons for it. Covering the external issues would fix the issue, but sometimes there are internal issues leading to the coldness of the room or rooms. Take a look at the following points to know why my room is too cold always:

A) Inaccurate Insulation

Heating the home efficiently requires a good and well-covered insulation system. If some spaces like the attic are not well-covered, it will be a passage for the cold air. Check the strength of insulation by its R-value which ranges between 2.0 and 8.0 per inch. Probably, the insulation strength at your place is low and is the major reason why my room is too cold. Check out What are Disadvantages of Limestone Flooring?

B) Old Air Filters

The job of the filters is to push air through the pipes which helps in the accurate working of the heating and cooling systems. An old and dirty filter reduces the efficiency of the heating systems in the house.

C) Thermostats Not Working

Adjusting the heat becomes difficult if thermostats are not working properly. An incorrect reading will lead to inaccurate adjustments of the heater or insulators.

D) Leaking Ducts

Sometimes, the heating system is fine, but the ducts are leaking. This problem may be limited to one room or spread across the house. The problem can be in one vent, or the entire ductwork needs to be repaired.

3. How to Fix a Cold Room?

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A constantly cold room may affect your health and the quality of sleep. In particular, a cold room at night is not a good thing. After learning why my room is too cold, here are the ways to fix the cold room.

A) Open the Vents

If you have covered a vent with furniture or closed it somehow you have to open it for better circulation of warm air in the room. Even if one vent is closed, it is possibly causing a disruption in warming up the room. Check and open all the available vents.

B) Seal the Cracks in the Walls

Place your hand on the wall to feel the incoming gush of air from the cracks in the wall. Though it can be difficult to figure it out like this in winter, you still can get an idea. However, calling the experts will be expensive, but that is a precise choice you can make. Otherwise, check for the cracks and seal them yourself with Caulk. It is a material that hardens and seals cracks.

C) Mask the Gaps in Windows and Doors

The gaps between the frames of doors and windows and the walls need to be covered to prevent cold air from coming in. This can be done with the help of sealing tape. It is like an adhesive in tape form, and you can stick it in the gaps. Why not try this solution to fix the issue if your room is too cold? It is not rigid and does not break off. Windows and doors can easily be opened and closed.

D) Use the Ceiling Fan for High Ceiling Room

Yeah, I know it sounds crazy, but it will actually work. In a room with a high ceiling, it is helpful to run the ceiling fan at a moderate speed in an anti-clockwise direction. Yes, here is the secret. The usual direction of the fan enables the cold air to be pushed down while the opposite running fan will push up the warm air and distribute it evenly across the room.

E) Use Space Heater

It is the best option if you have high ceilings and no fans. It will produce more heat as per the size of the heater. Prices of the heater may vary depending on its size and quality. If you have a small room, it will not be much of an expense to get one. Turn it off before you leave the room as it can cause a fire hazard.

F) Change the Air Filters

Old and dirty filters need to be replaced to keep them efficient. Filters need to be cleaned every 90 days and if cleaning does not work, probably you will have to change the filters. Read about Why does the Diffuser turns On then Off?

G) Get the Heaters Checked

When everything else does not work and the problem still remains, probably the heaters need to be checked. After all, they are machines and need maintenance. Call an expert for this because you cannot check the detailing and other mechanical issues of the heater.

H) Change the Thermostats

A faulty thermostat makes the heating adjustments inaccurate. To check if it is working properly, stick a thermometer on the wall near the thermostat and leave it for 15 minutes. Then check the readings on both and if there is even a 1° difference among the readings, it means you need a new thermostat.

I) Insulate the Wall

That one wall that is always cold and makes the insulation inefficient needs to be fixed. Re-stuffing and getting all that complex interior work done is time-consuming and expensive. Try the foam insulation sprays to fill in the cavities and gaps in the wall. 

4. How to Heat Up a Room without a Heater?

Why is my room is too cold, who does not want to sleep in a warm and cozy bedroom in the winter, and is the utility bill keep you awake even when the room is warm? Well, you are not alone in this problem. Therefore, here is a list of ways to stay warm during winter without raising the thermostats to fix my room’s too-cold issues.

  • Checks the drafts and cover them with weatherstrip or caulk to prevent cold air from getting in.
  • Move the bed away from windows and increase the warm bedding.
  • A thick rug will help you keep your feet away from the cold floor and helps in maintaining the insulation in the room.
  • Cover the windows with thick curtains. Cold travels through the glass and covering them will help in maintaining the insulation.
  • Keep hot water bottles under bed sheets before getting to bed. It will heat up the bedding and keep it warm longer. You can also try an electric blanket.
  • After this, wear socks and a knit hat to keep your head and feet warm. A warm head will protect you from cold and warm feet give you a comfortable sleep.

Now you know the answer to why my room is too cold. The answer to the question of why is my room so cold at night is hidden in some common places. Do you have any other ideas to fix a cold room? What do you do to heat up a room without a heater? 


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