Why mobile phones lose value?

Phone Depreciation: How Your Phone Value Drops? What is the price depreciation rate of mobile phones?

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  1. 1 Old technology becomes obselete

    Because technology advances fast, the technology of older phones becomes obsolete, and as a result, the phones become undesirable to buyers who want to buy the latest technology.

  2. 2 Big technology leaps

    Technology sometimes leaps fast in a short period of time, and so old phones might become obsolete in shorter periods of time. This happened to ordinary phones when smartphones were first introduced. See why smart phones are popular.

  3. 3 Newer models are released often

    Most smartphone manufacturers produce new models each year, and as a result, older models become obsolete.

  4. 4 People upgrade their phones often

    Unlike cars or watches, people usually upgrade their phones more often. This makes an old phone much less desirable than a new one.

  5. 5 Initial loss of value is very high

    Mobile phones lose value faster than cars. As soon as a mobile phone is used, it loses a large amount of value.

  6. 6 They are not designed to last for long

    Many new smartphones are not durable enough to survive for years. This makes their older models undesirable. See why smartphones are getting bigger.

  7. 7 Some brands lose value faster

    iPhones were found to retain their value more than other brands including Android. The strong apple brand helps the phone lose value with a slower rate. See why some people love iPhones.

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74 shares, 496 points

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