Why is There a Hole in Texas Stadium?

Alex Williams
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  1. Texas Stadium

    Texas stadium is located in Irving, Texas, a suburb west of Dallas. It is an American football stadium which is known for its distinctive hole in the roof. The stadium was opened on October 24, 1971, and closed out in December 2008. It gained recognition the very first time when the Dallas Cowboys used it as their home field in the National Football League.

  2. Opening of the stadium

    As per the original plans, the stadium’s architects wanted to design the stadium in a dome shape. However, the stadium was not strong enough to support the heavyweight of the entire roof.

    Also, the officials experienced a lack of funds due to which the roof support structure could not be altered. This made the architects design the stadium in a way that covers the spectator seats but not the playing ground.

  3. Why is there a hole in the Texas stadium?

    You might have heard the old pun stating, ‘There is a hole on the roof on the stadium so that God could see his favourite team playing.’ This adds good humour, but the truth is interesting to know why there is a hole in the Texas stadium.

    The sole reason is that architects wanted the spectators to have an exquisite experience by making them sit in the indoor environment while providing them with the experience of an outdoor environment. This gigantic structure offers the viewers to enjoy watching games as they do outdoors and at the same time remain unaffected by any inclement weather conditions affecting their pleasure.

  4. Important events associated with the stadium

    The Celina Bobcats played a final high school football game against the Carthage Bulldogs for the State Championship in 2008. On May 25, 2008, the Long Island Lizards played against the Philadelphia Barrage in the Major League Lacrosse, which was hosted by a Professional Lacrosse game.

  5. Other Interesting Details about the stadium

    The cost of opening this stadium was estimated at circa $35 million. The stadium’s seating capacity was 65,675 that hosted numerous events, including the Dallas Cowboys hosting, various football games, huge religious gatherings, professional wrestling events under the World Class Championship Wrestling, and crusades like Billy Graham and Promise Keepers.

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