Why is the Liberty Bell Famous?

What is so special about the Liberty Bell? What is the significance of the Liberty Bell?
  1. Liberty Bell’s Significance

    The liberty bell prominently represents the American Revolutionary War. It is also considered the symbol of freedom. Just before the declaration of Independence of the United States, the Liberty Bell used to grab the attention of many residents of the country. Moreover, people began to ring this Bell after the battle of Concord and Lexington was held.

  2. Writings on the Bell

    The Bell includes the information about the Pennsylvania Assembly and the Bell’s maker. It is also engraved with the Bible verse- ‘Proclaim Liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.’

  3. Some Historical Facts about the Bell

    The Bell was formerly known as the State House Bell. However, its name was changed to Liberty bell in the late 1830s when it became a symbol of the anti-slavery movement.

  4. No one was aware the Bell was cracked

    When the Bell was tested upon its arrival in Philadelphia in 1752, it was found cracked, one of the most significant debate topics among historians. Even in 1846, the last big crack took place on Washington’s Birthday. (See Why was the Sears Tower Built?)

  5. The Bell did not ring twice in 1776

    Everyone was familiar that the ringing of the Bell signifies the celebration of the declaration of independence. On July 8, 1776, the statehouse steeple was under repair, making it unlikely for the Liberty Bell to be rung. Moreover, the Bell did not even ring on July 4, 1776.

  6. The Bell was taken to the last tour in 1915

    The Liberty Bell was last taken to the United States road tour back in 1915 before World War I. After that, it became prominent that the Bell had condition issues. The Bell is occasionally tapped to mark special occasions at the Liberty Bell Centre of Philadelphia. (See Why did they build the Brooklyn Bridge?)

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