Why is the Annoying Orange so popular?

Why is Annoying Orange so popular with children? Why is Annoying Orange so popular?
  1. While the Annoying Orange’s main characters are fruits, the show usually brings infamous topics, characters, and trends such as Lady Gaga. The fact that the cartoon can span so many real-life things that people talk about made it more popular.

  2. It allows a safe release of aggression

    The annoying orange, like angry birds, can allow people to safely release some of their stored aggression. The average person won’t usually understand the connection between wanting to watch the annoying orange and feeling emotionally charged or frustrated.

  3. It’s funny in a novel way

    The annoying orange is funny in a very different way. The fact that the orange makes people laugh by annoying other characters appeals a lot to some people.

  4. People identify with the orange

    When a person watches a show he usually identifies with the main character and experiences its emotions. The orange is funny and annoying, yet superior since it never dies. Those traits appeal to some people, especially kids, and that’s why they like it.

  5. Kids like to be annoying and get away with it

    A typical kid would want to do tricks and pranks, yet get away untouched. The fact that the Annoying Orange does that makes it appeal to kids a lot.

  6. Some adults like it as well

    Many adults like the annoying orange as well. The desire to feel superior is a basic part of human nature. The fact that the annoying orange defeats all of its enemies and popular villains makes it appeal to adults as well.

  7. It’s novel and different

    So many cartoons look a like, thus it becomes hard to differentiate them. The Annoying Orange has strong elements of novelty. Some of the novel elements are a talking orange that has a real human face and a real life setting in almost all episodes.

  8. It’s familiar

    In the Annoying Orange episodes, novelty is combined with familiarity. The fact that the events take place in familiar places such as a kitchen and the fact that the main characters are very known fruits made the show more familiar to people. (See Why do we like familiarity?)

  9. Consistent release of episodes

    Unlike many comedy Youtube channels where videos are released at distant intervals, the Annoying Orange episodes are released very fast that a person can easily find new episodes that he hasn’t seen before.

  10. It was moved to Cartoon Network

    As the result of the massive popularity of the annoying orange on YouTube, the cartoon series was moved to Cartoon Network. This made the already popular cartoon more popular.

  11. The guest fruits were sometimes played by popular youtubers such as RayWilliamJohnson & MysteryGuitarman. This helped the annoying orange become more popular.

  12. Orange has a unique personality

    The main character Orange has a very unique personality. Orange is funny, crazy, a bully, a mad fruit, an annoying orange, a fearless talking orange and a superior creature. The rich character combination made it appeal to a broader range of audiences. (See Why is pewdiepie so famous?)

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