Why is my Facebook reach is going down?

Why Your Facebook Organic Reach Is Still Falling? The Decline of Organic Facebook Reach
  1. Increased number of pages

    As the number of pages on Facebook increases the amount of stories that can be delivered to a newsfeed increases and so each page gets less share of traffic.

  2. Facebook’s changing algorithm

    Facebook keeps changing its algorithm every now and then. Facebook said they want to show the highest quality posts to its users this not every post is shown to the same number of people.

  3. Facebook is trying to display relevant stories

    Facebook’s new algorithm changes have the goal of displaying posts that are relevant to people. Less relevant posts might get a lower reach.

  4. No body shared the post

    Shares can lead to more people seeing the post and so increase organic reach. If the post wasn’t shared then a very small percentage of people will see it.

  5. The post doesn’t get enough engagement

    According to Facebook help team a post needs to get enough engagement to stay in the newsfeed of people for a while. The post needs to get enough likes, shares and comments to remain competitive.

  6. Your posts are promotional

    Facebook said that promotional posts won’t get much exposure as people don’t like them. They said if you want people to see your promotional content then pay for it. (See Why is Facebook so negative?)

  7. The number of posts are increasing

    According to Facebook the newsfeed is becoming more crowded as people are liking more and more pages. As a result people give less attention each post.

  8. Generally people don’t like to leave Facebook. Status and pictures usually get higher engagement than external links. As a result the latter might get less organic reach. (See Study Summary: Facebook makes you unhappy and jealous)

  9. People are liking more pages

    According to an article by Facebook the number of pages liked by people increased 50% in 2013.

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