Why is Kung Fu Panda very popular?

Why Kung Fu Panda is a perfect trilogy? Why is Kung Fu Panda very popular?
  1. Children love animals

    Children love animals, especially if the animals are cute. The movies are about a Panda (Po) who becomes a Kung Fu master.

  2. It’s about Kung Fu

    The nostalgia about Kung Fu back in the 80s and 90s was relived in an animation movie that makes fun of other movies. It isn’t just kids who love the movie.

  3. It’s a family movie

    People of all ages love Kung Fu Panda, which makes it a lot easier for the whole family to enjoy.

  4. The fantasy world

    The movie is set in a fantasy world which gives room for the imagination and sets the atmosphere to be light-hearted.

  5. The animations are very good

    People love animated movies. That’s one of the reasons why Kung Fu Panda became so successful. The animations in the movie are very detailed in a ground-breaking way. (See Why Animated Movies Are Popular?)

  6. It’s funny

    There is hardly a whole scene in the Kung Fu Panda movies where the viewer doesn’t laugh. Most likely, the only moments that the viewers are not laughing is when the movie gives out its moral point. (See Why Mr Bean is popular?)

  7. The message of the movies

    Most movies nowadays are made solely for the sake of entertainment. Kung Fu Panda is about sending a message more than anything else.

  8. The cast

    While Jack Black steals the spotlight as Po, the cast includes Angelina Jolie, Dustin Huffman and Jackie Chan. All the voice actors of the movie are great actors who play their roles with near-perfection.

  9. Po represents the common guy

    One of the biggest points that makes the movie very easy to relate to, especially to the younger fans, is how it’s about the average guy (represented in Po the panda) who plays the story of a winning underdog.

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