Why is Conor McGregor popular?

Why is Conor McGregor so much more popular than other UFC champions? Why is Conor McGregor popular?
  1. He fights for the UFC

    The UFC is the world leader when it comes to MMA and Conor fights there.

  2. Some people love him

    Conor is one of the most well-known fighters in the world. A lot of people love him for his antiques during the fights. Most people want to see him win fights.

  3. Some people hate him

    Conor is also one of the most hated fighters in the UFC. A lot of fans just want to see him lose.

  4. He cuts nice promotions

    He loves to make wild promotions. He is very exciting at conferences and he’s the UFC biggest draw. (See Why Adele’s “Hello” became so popular?)

  5. He’s the best trash talker

    He has set new standards for psychological warfare before fights. He can get into his opponent’s heads before the fight and have them mentally prepare to lose. This is something that makes the fans go crazy.

  6. He makes wild predictions

    And as wild as they are, they often come true. He predicted that he’d be a dual champion before it happened. He also predicted that he would fight at the UFC long before he even got there. He’s known as Mystic Mac for those wild predictions. (See Why Taylor Swift is so popular?)

  7. He goes for the finish

    Most MMA fans would rather see a finish to a long wrestling match. Conor always goes for the knockout. He throws hits hard and wild and doesn’t care much to keep the fight going for long.

  8. He takes any fight

    Conor doesn’t reject fights. He takes any fight at any weight class that the UFC throws at him.

  9. He knocked out Jose Aldo

    Jose Aldo has been a champion for a very long time and people wanted to see some change. Conor knocked him out in just 13 seconds.

  10. He lost a fight to Nate Diaz

    The Diaz brothers are very famous in the MMA world. However, it’s not losing to Nate that made him even more popular, it’s the fact that he lost and was shown to be human.

  11. He has multiple records in the UFC

    The fastest title fight (against Jose Aldo). The most knockouts in UFC featherweight history. The most Performance of the Night awards in UFC history (5).

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