Why do websites disable right click?

Alex Williams
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  1. To protect intellectual property

    The intellectual property is considered to be one of the most crucial things for all webmasters. That’s why they disable the right click to protect their intellectual property, which can be in the form of images, text, or source code.

  2. To prevent image downloads

    Webmasters do not enable right-click on their websites, especially for image-based websites, as they do not want anyone to download or copy their website’s images.

  3. To prevent content copying

    Some people disable right-click to restrict anyone to copy their website content.

  4. If the right-click is disabled, no one will be allowed to extract the direct links mentioned on your website. (See Why do websites have so many ads?)

  5. To ensure the security of the site

    Some webmasters believe that impairing the right click improves the security of the site. Maybe those webmasters are not aware this security measure can easily be evaded.

  6. To avoid re-submission

    Sometimes the site gets reloaded by mistake, unintentionally. This increases the resubmission errors; however, if the right-click is immobilized, it cannot be reloaded.

  7. To make it look secure

    Some government or private institutions may disable the functioning of the right click as they want the site’s users to fall under the impression that the site is secure. (See Why Amp pages are good for your site?)

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