Why do some people reply late to text messages?

What does it mean if someone replies late? Why do some people reply late to messages sent to them?

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  1. 1 They consider them an unpleasant task

    Some people consider responding to messages an unpleasant task. Those people might try to procrastinate or waste time instead of checking the messages right away. See why do people procrastinate.

  2. 2 To signal lack of interest

    Some people respond late to messages on intention to signal lack of interest. When a person is not interested in someone they might decide to ignore their messages for sometime.

  3. 3 They prefer phone calls

    Some people prefer phone calls to texting and as a result might respond late to messages or even never respond to them. See why some people text and drive.

  4. 4 They want to seem important

    Some people delay replies on intention in order to seem important. Those people think that if they appeared busy they will seem more important.

  5. 5 You are not a priority

    A person might not respond quickly if they don't consider your message a priority. When a person cares about a message they will usually get back quickly.

  6. 6 They are too busy

    Some people are too busy to check their inbox. If those people work all the time or have important things to do then probably they will take more time to respond to the messages sent to them.

  7. 7 They are type A's

    Type A personalities are always busy. They have very busy schedules and they do so many things in the same time. A type A will hardly respond to text message fast if they are not working or if the message is very important.

  8. 8 They are playing hard to get

    Some people don't respond to text messages on intention because they want to play hard to get. In such a case responding late can be a sign that the person is interested in you. See how to know if someone likes you.

  9. 9 They don't want to answer

    According to psychologists a person can delay a task just because they don't feel like doing it. If a person doesn't want to respond to a message then they might keep delaying the response. See why some people read messages but never answer.

  10. 10 Their phones are always silent

    Some people prefer to keep their phones silent so that they check notifications only when they feel like checking. Those people might easily miss a message for sometime before they see it.

  11. 11 They don't check their messages often

    Some people don't have the habit of checking their inbox often. Those people are very likely to respond late to messages or even miss the message all together.

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