Why do some people like Eminem so much?

Why do people like Eminem? What are some reasons you like Eminem?
  1. Many of his songs aren’t mainstream

    While most rappers sing about sex and drugs, many of Eminem’s songs talk about topics that mainstream songs don’t really mention.

  2. They see themselves in his struggles

    Eminem sings a lot about life’s struggles, and because many people see themselves in his struggles, they like him.

  3. He is their angry voice

    Psychologists say that we like music that allows us to vent our emotions. Eminem is usually very bold in expressing his contempt with things and this made him the angry voice of people who want to vent their unpleasant emotions.

  4. He is really good with words

    Whether he writes something or sings it, many people agree that Eminem is very good with words. This makes his songs more attractive to a large group of people.

  5. White people relate to him more

    Eminem is the most successful white rapper in the United States, and as a result, many white people relate to him, especially since rap is usually sung by black people.

  6. He gives his fans a self-confidence boost

    Many of Eminem’s songs inspire people and help them feel good about themselves by tearing down the ones who don’t like them.

  7. He appeals to rebels

    Many of Eminem’s songs are rebellious and go against the norms. Those kinds of songs usually appeal to rebellious people.

  8. People who have family problems relate to him

    Eminem sings a lot about family problems, and people who suffer from those problems usually identify with him and like his music.

  9. He is a bold social critic

    Many of the people who are unsatisfied by some of the social concepts in life find refuge in Eminem who goes to great length lengths when attacking some of those social concepts many people find unpleasant. (See Why Eminem never smiles?)

  10. He is honest and blunt

    Eminem comes close to topics that others hardly rap about. The fact that he is very honest and blunt made many of his songs appeal to many people.

  11. His songs are emotionally charged

    Many of Eminem’s songs are emotionally charged that they charge the listener. Some people listen to Eminem to get the energy and motivation needed to act. (See 15 Best Eminem Songs)

  12. He feeds people’s egos

    Many of Eminem’s songs contain egoistical remarks that appeal to people who want an ego boost.

  13. He appeals to narcissists

    According to recent studies, the internet has led to the rise of narcissism. Many of Eminem’s words point to grandiose self-importance and so those words appeal so much to narcissists.

  14. The need for support

    Many of Eminem’s songs defend people who need support such as children who were abused and the ones who were bullied. People who need that kind of support usually like his songs.

  15. His songs repeat the beliefs many people are ashamed to admit

    Many people pretend to have certain beliefs to be accepted in their society, but the songs they listen to usually determine their real beliefs. Many of Eminem’s songs repeat the statements many people want to say but can’t.

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