Why Do Snakes Shed Their Skin?

Snakes: Why do they shed their skin? When and why do snakes shed their skin?
  1. Is it normal for snakes to shed the skin?

    Every snake shed their skin after regular periods, and it is being said that a healthy shed is substantial for their well-being. In fact, all animals shed their skin, also humans. Although mammals shed their skin differently, mainly it is very stressful for snakes.

  2. Why Do Snakes Shed?

    Snakes shed their skin regularly, and they do it uniquely as their skin comes off in one piece. They continually grow new skin cells and shed old ones. This process of shedding is called ecdysis, which means shedding an outer layer.

  3. Why is shedding important?

    They moult their skin to grow faster and di it so that they can eradicate the parasitoids that might have got added to their old skin. A snake’s skin gets stretched, and it reaches a point where further growth is not possible.

    As soon as this stage arrives, the new layer grows under the old skin, and once it is complete, the old kin sheds and the new one takes its place.

  4. Where do they shed?

    Mostly the snakes do have to go for a swim as the water enables them to loosen their old skin. Once they are set to drop their old skin, they have to tear in the ageing skin, which they do most in the mouth or nose section. They do this by rubbing on a solid object. As the old skin starts to come out, the snake obliterates it.

  5. Interval of shedding

    The period of shedding the skin depends on loads of factors such as age, growth rate and environment where the snake lives. Young snakes shed their skin every few weeks, whereas adults do it less often, maybe once a year.

  6. Signs that a snake is about to shed

    Their eyes start to change colour and become bluish as it becomes a temporary filter over the eyes. Also, their old skin becomes dull, and their belly appears slightly pinkish. Their appetite decreases, and they start hiding, plus they also become more defensive.

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