Why Do Rolex Watches Hold Their Value?

Do Rolex Watches Go Up In Value? Do Rolex Watches Hold Their Value?
  1. Elegant and prolonged design

    Not only Rolex produces watches with incredible designs, but also they are best known for their designs that do not change over a while. They believe in maintaining their layouts irrespective of the volatile fashion, and hence, they are able to retain their brand image.

  2. High demand

    Rolex is an expensive brand. Because of its exclusivity and the price range, it is highly prevalent among wealthy people. One of the best parts about it is that Rolex watches can quickly be sold even after you use it and that too, without much depreciation. Of course, specific terms and conditions applied such as the watch should be adequately functional, should be in good condition, etc.

  3. Never gets antiquated

    Rolex never gets outdated. You can buy any Rolex model, and none of them will ever get outmoded.

  4. The addition of expensive metals

    Many of the Rolex watches include pricey but worthy precious metals such as Gold, and Diamond, which enhances their value. (See Why do people love gold?)

  5. Prices of old watches may increase

    Rolex keeps on increasing its newly manufactured watch’s price over a period. Moreover, the design and the pattern of the new watches almost remain the same as compared to old watches. This helps old watches to retain its value, which could become one of the reasons for the rise in prices of old Rolex models.

  6. Robust brand image

    Rolex is a reputed and renowned brand. The brand is widely-known all across the globe and has able to gain the confidence of the customers by providing them with the best customer experience. This has enabled this brand to influence people to sell its used models at a genuine price. (See Is Apple Watch Series 4 Waterproof?)

  7. Swiss franc appreciation

    Swiss watches were able to retain and enhance its value in the past 30 years because of its impeccable quality, and researchers spend thousands of dollars on doing meticulous research before launching a new model.

  8. Scarcity of selected models

    Some of the models of Rolex are exclusive and available for a limited period. The sole reason for some of its watch’s limited availability is that they remain high in demand. For instance, the most top-selling models of Rolex are between the price range of $4000 to $9000, and these models are scarcely available in the market.

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