Why do people live near Volcanoes?

Why do people live close to Volcanoes? Why do so many people live near active Volcanoes?
  1. To produce electricity

    The underground steam which is heated by the Earth’s magma is used to drive turbines in geothermal power stations. Those stations produce electricity.

  2. Volcanoes attract millions of visitors. Some people choose to live near them to get a tourism related job.

  3. To mine for minerals and precious metals

    The Lava coming from within earth contains mineral and precious metals that can be mined once the lava cools. Those metals include Gold, Silver , Diamond , copper and Zine.

  4. Very rich soil

    The soil near volcanoes is usually rich in minerals. This makes the lands near volcanoes ideal for cultivating crops.

  5. Hot water

    Volcanoes can supply hot water ,up to 87 degrees C, which can be used to heat the houses in the area in a natural way.

  6. To study their behavior

    Some people live near volcanoes to study them and to gather information about them. (See Video Summary: What explains the rise of humans? By Yuval Noah Harari)

  7. They were born there

    According to estimates 500 to 600 million persons live near volcanoes. As a result many people are born near volcanoes and choose to live where they were born.

  8. Health Spas

    The minerals dissolved in the hot water can cure various illnesses. (See How to make healthy eating unbelievably easy by Luke Durward)

  9. No money to move

    Some people are born near Volcanoes but fail to move because they don’t have enough money.

  10. A source of oil and natural gas

    Heat and pressure at depth transform the decomposed organic material into tiny pockets of gas and liquid petroleum. The gas and oil then move through the pores and are collected in reservoirs.

  11. Building materials

    The solidified lava can be used for building. The ash can be compressed to form bricks.

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