Why Are Apples Associated with Teachers?

Why Do Teachers Like Apples? Why Do Teachers Get Apples? Why There’s a Link Between Teachers and Apples?
Why Are Apples Associated with Teachers?
  1. More about an apple and a teacher

    Everyone knows the stereotype of a shiny red apple is an amusing gift for the school teachers. Apple comes in different colours, including red, yellow, and green, embodying change, variety, and progress. The taste of the apple is a perfect blend of sweet and tangy flavour.

    Teachers play a crucial part in a student’s life. They are the ones who are a significant source of inspiration for students, as it is often considered a favourite teacher that can change your life forever. They play a vital role in the physical, mental, and emotional growth of students. In return, they seek the support of students and the school administrators to continue guiding students.

  2. Giving an apple to the teacher has become a traditions

    This tradition has been nurtured by happy coincidences and was born from practicality with an early 19th-century prologue. It was started in countries like Denmark and the United States, where parents used to pay educators with the fruits. Even at that time, apples used to be an expensive fruit as it was difficult to plant, cultivate, and harvest. Also, it required cold weather conditions, which is not available in every city, making it’s the cost higher.

  3. Parent’s use to pay teacher’s fees using Apple

    It led student’s parents to pay often with apples to compensate for the teacher’s time and energy spent on educating students. Also, to make teachers feel special, parents used to make them feel special by paying them with different varieties of apples. Since then, it is considered to be an ideal fruit to gift your school or tuition teachers.

    For instance, an apple can do the trick when you do not know how to solve an equation in mathematic. Buying an apple is a small price to acknowledge teachers’ plentiful favours that they have done for the students and build the connection. (See Why Apple Stores Were a Massive Success?)

  4. The connection between the teacher and the Bible

    One of the other reasons why apples are associated with teachers is because of the extraordinary story in the Bible, stating that Eve ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge. Simultaneously, it was not mentioned in the Bible that the tree of knowledge was the apple tree. However, it is still believed that the apple is the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. (See Why Apple has very high-quality standards?)

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