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Who Owns Vizio TV?

Do you want a smart TV with all the features yet at a reasonable price? Perhaps VIZIO Smart TVs are the best choice for you. You might think who owns Vizio TV? Don’t worry we have come up with an explanation about the Vizio TV owner considering the fact that Vizio is reliable and easily affordable. Keep reading this article to explore some fascinating facts about Vizio TV and its usage.

1. Do you Know the Vizio TV History in Detail?

Yes, we should start with Vizio TV history first before moving on to who owns Vizio TV. Vizio has changed the television market by lowering costs and increasing accessibility. They have earned many awards for their picture quality. How did Vizio TV get to be one of the best television companies in the world? Read this little history of Vizio Television.

The Beginning

William Wang, a Taiwanese businessman, and two of his former co-workers, Laynie Newsome and Ken Lowe, founded Vizio in 2002. He had previously worked with them at MAG Innovision. Wang’s business approach essentially undercut his rivals when more modern technology started to replace conventional CRT television sets. The plan was successful.

The Advancement

Wang executed this strategy perfectly. When the new software company called Green Dane started, there were only three people working there. It was able to generate $600,000 in income out of a four-year investment. For the first year in a row, in 2007, that amount increased to nearly $2 billion. Vizio surpassed Samsung as the top volume seller of LCD TVs in North America in the same year. Vizio’s low pricing for HDTVs is sometimes credited as a major factor for its quick success. Vizio sold quality televisions for only a few hundred dollars, compared with their competition, which charged over $1,000 for plasma screen televisions.

The Success

The brand’s production method and price were key to Vizio’s success. Vizio didn’t change the rule of manufacturing and marketing television products in-house. Vizio used an approach similar to Apple, where they went to independent manufacturers to produce their ideas. They have never been able to build their own manufacturing facility.

2. Where did the Vizio Company Origin?

With the Vizio TV history in detail, you might have already guessed Vizio company origin. The company was founded by a Chinese manufacturer however it originated in California, North America. This means that they are based in the United States. 

3. Who Owns Vizio TV?

We know that the Vizio company origin was made in the United States by William wang. It is owned by the founder and CEO William Wang. Vizio is amongst America’s largest private companies and captures its position in the 185th number in Forbes. Vizio also offers plasma and LED products which are a source of entertainment. This sums up the answer to who owns Vizio TV. (See Who Manufactures Vizio TVs?)

4. Where is Vizio TV Headquarter Located?

Vizio TV headquarters are in Irvine, California, United States. There are currently 444 employees working and the company was formerly known as V inc. The only purpose of Wang was to produce the same quality goods with the latest technology which would overcome the pricey goods over time. Vizio TV used its marketing strategy for existence by sponsoring the U.S college football annual rose bowl game to be in the eyes of the customer.

5. Who is Vizio TV Owner?

VIZIO web page: JAN23 Who Owns Vizio TV

Vizio develops and makes low-cost consumer electronics, including LCD monitors, HDTV accessories, sound bars, speakers, and the Smart Cast Tablet Remote. Both offline and internet merchants sell the products. So, who owns Vizio TV? The company owner is still William Wang. He was born in Taiwan and then moved to the United States when he was just 12. Vizio TV owner is also counted as a Taiwanese billionaire. Their best life experience of Wang was when he survived the Singapore Airlines crash in 2000. After this incident, he always gave deep thought to his life. (See Who Owns STIHL?)

6. What are the Top Vizio TVs that are Manufactured?

We are aware that Vizio TV headquarter is based in the United States and therefore, they always focus on manufacturing TVs that are easy and quick for people to buy if it is produced in the base.

  • D series: With 21–40 monitors, this category emphasizes durability and value while offering the fundamental Vizio experience. The Vizio D40F-G9 is one of the most popular TVs in the D-Series categories. It has a 40-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 1080p. It has a built-in Smart Cast OS for streaming and casting, and it works with Apple Siri, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa.
  • V Series: It isn’t just another one of their best offerings. It offers a basic HDR experience, bigger monitors, and up to 4K resolution. It has the B&B and has a 50 to 4K display with HDR compatibility, Smart Cast, and full-array backlight dimming.
  • M Series: As a mid-priced alternative, Vizio offers more upscale features including HDMI 2.1 with a variable frame rate for gaming and greater contrast for HDR10 and Dolby Vision.
  • P Series: With a display size of up to 85, a panel with enhanced brightness and contrast, and a sophisticated full-array dimming experience, P for premium is where Vizio shows off its best.

7. Is Vizio a Good TV?

Yes, you need not worry about whether is Vizio a good TV as it is an excellent option. After knowing who owns Vizio TV it is quite clear that people would be convinced to buy them. This is because Vizio has been making low-cost TVs in the United States for so long that the company has become a household name in the low-cost TV market. The company offers several affordable TVs in order to compete with other low-cost companies such as TCL, Hisense, Toshiba, Amazon, and Insignia. (See Are Husky Tools Good?)

8. How was the Design of Vizio TV Made?

We have learned that is Vizio a good TV. They are indeed the best company because of the price. It’s a must to remember that design at Vizio is focused on finding the most cost-effective way to assemble elements. Virtually none of the technology that Vizio uses in their TVs was their creation.

9. How does Vizio TV Sell its Product?

Vizio sells its TVs to retail and wholesalers throughout the United States. Vizio has been able to keep its costs and overhead relatively low by selling to only large retailers. Because of this, they have been able to keep prices low. (Also read What is Fiesta Ware History?)

10. How Good are Vizio TV Compared to Other Brands?

Compared to more well-known manufacturers like Sony or Samsung, Vizio TVs provide the best price versus performance trade-off in the budget and mid-range sectors. The Vizio TVs are 4K and offer a feature-rich smart OS called SmartCast that supports most, if not all, of the well-known smart TV apps. Mirroring your phone and computer to the TV is what is available. Now you can easily enjoy anything you wish from your smartphone on a big Vizio TV and make weekend movie sessions more enjoyable.

Now we are clear about who owns Vizio TV. Vizio TVs are produced in Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and Mexico. Whether it’s an entry-level or a high-end option, Vizio’s products are committed to quality and value. We now know how they reduced their costs and created Vizio TVs, making it clear how they can sell their products at a lower rate compared to their competitors.


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