Who is Clay Virtue in The 100 Series?

What was The 100 Series about? How did Clay die? Was Clay a Stuntman in Real? Whom did he learn from?

The 100 series was based on the nuclear war that happened after 97 years. There were people living in space and 100 juvenile prisoners on Earth. It was called an ARK. The series received a lot of popularity and fame when it was launched with 7 seasons. Clay virtue in The 100 was very well known for his stunt work, just like his father. Many people say that one episode of The 100 was dedicated to Clay Virtue. However, who did Clay Virtue do stunts for in The 100? Let us learn more about Clay Virtue the 100 cause of death.

1. Who was Clay Virtue in the 100?

Clay Virtue was a martial art coordinator and he did not work in the series. He and his father were both in the same field. Clay Virtue was a Canadian actor and stunt performer most known for his work on the movies Godzilla, Rise of the Planet of the Apes 2011, and The Chronicles of Riddick 2004. (See Does Ty come back from Mongolia?)

2. Did Clay Act in the Series?

If you were thinking about Clay Virtue in the 100, then no, Clay Virtue did not perform or act in the series. However, season 5 and episode 4 of the show are devoted to him. 

3. Was Clay Virtue a Professional Stuntman?

Yes, he had been a working stuntman since he was 11 years old. His father, Danny Virtue, taught him. Marshall Virtue, Clay’s brother, is a popular and highly sought-after student as well. (Also read Who is the most Famous Person in the World?)

4. How did Clay Virtue in the 100 become Famous?

Clay Virtue rose to prominence after his name appeared in memory of Clay Virtue on season five of the hit television show the 100. 

5. What is Clay Virtue the 100 Cause of Death?

It is still unknown how Clay Virtue passed away. His passing was unexpectedly reported by his family without any mention of an obituary. (See Is the Real Rose from Titanic Still Alive?)

6. Was there a Fund named after Clay Virtue?

Yes, Stunts Canada established a trust because of Clay Virtue. This is because he was a diligent, committed individual toward his work and many others. The trust committee was completely taken aback by the fact that Clay Virtue the 100 cause of death had not yet been made public. They simply referred to it as a tragedy. Every stuntman was actually made aware of this for their upcoming performance. 

7. Did Clay Virtue Act at any time?

Yes, Clay did more than merely perform stunts; he also acted in movies. They played little parts. In 2005, he had an appearance in the horror series Master of Horror after making his acting debut in the TV series Stargate SG-1 in 2004. There are many more films with Clay in them. Despite the fact that Clay Virtue’s cause of death remained unknown, he is still remembered for his numerous film roles. Check out Why Did Dean Martin And Jerry Lewis Break Up?

8. Who did Clay Virtue do Stunts for in the 100?

Clay did not participate in the 100, Marshall Virtue, his brother, serves as the show’s stunt coordinator. We know that the cause of this young stuntman’s death was never made public by Clay’s family, therefore it is still a mystery to the world today. 

9. Is the Series 100 Finished?

Yes, the 100 season is over. One of the longest-running television series has come to an end. If you were wondering who did Clay Virtue do stunts for in the 100, then he did not do anything like that. He does, however, have his own episode. (See Why Mr Bean series stopped?)

10. What was Clay Virtue’s Net Worth?

Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash

A total of 100 movies featured Clay. Prior to his passing, he performed a double stunt that increased his riches by twofold. It was claimed that up until his passing, Clay had a $1 million net worth. 

11. Who was the Best Stuntman in the World?

Dar Robinson was the best Stuntman in the world. He made 19 world records. The best stunt was Jumping from the CN tower in Toronto, Canada. (See How Many Times did Muhammad Ali fight Joe Frazier?)

12. What were Famous Achievements of Clay?

  • Warcraft
  • Godzilla
  • The Grey
  • The A-Team
  • The Twilight Saga
  • Flash
  • Super Girl

13. Is being a Stuntman risky?

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Yes, it does carry a lot of danger. In the United States, 50% of the populace aspires to work as a stuntman. Additionally, 3 persons per 1000 die while performing brave deeds. They put their lives in great danger. 

14. When did Clay Virtue die?

He died on the 15th of October 2017 in British Columbia in Canada. 

In Hollywood, Clay Virtue was most recognized for his work as a stuntman. He was devoted and diligent, yet he died unexpectedly. He served as an example for a lot of young people. Because he and his brother Marshall worked in the field, he received his own episode of the television show The 100, which make people question his role, i.e.,  Clay Virtue in the 100. However, everyone was shocked when he suddenly died. (See 11 Facts on Death Row Inmate Brenda Andrew)

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