Where are the Adult Children of Diane Downs Today?

Diane Downs children: What happened to them? Grew up privately and continue to live their adult lives privately.

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  1. Diane Downs, whose full name is Elizabeth Diane Frederickson Downs, is an American woman born on August 7, 1955, in Phoenix, Arizona. She was found guilty of killing her own daughter in May 1983. She also attempted the murder of her other 2 children by shooting them.

  2. Why did she try killing her own children?

    It was said that she intentionally killed her daughter and attempted the murder of the other two children. She told the police that just because she wanted to continue her affair with her man of dreams, Knickerbocker, she tried to get rid of all her children. Due to some reasons, Knickerbocker broke up with Downs as he did not want no leave her wife.

    Downs also told the police that Knickerbocker did not want to become the father of her existing children, which made her really aggressive and killed her children.

  3. Who were the 3 children of Diane Downs?

    There were 2 daughters named Cheryl Downs and Christie Downs and 1 son Stephen Downs or Stephen Daniel. Cheryl was shot dead, but the other 2 children survived the shoot. Once Christie got recovered her ability to speak, she described how her mother shot all three children and her own arm to build a fake story. (See Where is Pablo Escobar’s daughter Manuela Escobar today?)

  4. Why did Diane’s husband leave her?

    Born in 1974, Christie Ann was the eldest of all three children, whereas the youngest of all, Stephen Daniel, also known as Danny, was born in 1979. The third daughter Cheryl Downs was born in 1976, who was shot dead in 1983. However, 3 years earlier, in 1980, her husband Steve Downs left her because he was sure that Danny was the result of an extramarital affair her wife was having with Knickerbocker.

  5. What happened with Danny and Christie when they survived?

    When their mother was found guilty in court and was sentenced to prison in 1984, both the children lived with Fred Hugi, the lead prosecutor in the case. In 1986, Hugi and his wife adopted Danny and Christie.

  6. Where are both the children now?

    When her own mother shot both the children, Danny got paralyzed from the waist down, and Christie suffered a stroke affecting her with speech impairment. She got married and had a baby boy in 2005. Both of them were graduated from college and were not in touch with her mother, Diane.

    Christie got married and gave birth to a beautiful son in 2005. Danny, who is known to be a computer prodigy, is living a happy life, apart from still partially being paralyzed because of a bullet’s suffering. Hugis raised both of her children adorably.

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