What’s So Super About Super Bowl Sunday?

Alex Williams
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  1. What is Super Bowl Sunday?

    The Super Bowl is the National Football League (NFL) championship game, seen by many Americans gathering around their television screen on Sunday.

  2. Is Super Bowl Sunday so special?

    Several NFL teams participate in one of the biggest games of the year, named the Super Bowl. You might be glad to know that this special day is considered a national holiday for the entire United States. Even though nothing is listed about this day on the calendar, many foods are still eaten to celebrate this spectacular day.

    Super Bowl is the second most-watched program worldwide and the most-watched in the United States. One of the matches played in February 2015, between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks, had one of the highest views in US history, as more than 168 million were watching that Super Bowl program.

  3. What all makes Super Bowl Sunday number one?

    The Super Bowl has become an international event as more than 200 countries, including the Republic of China and many others and numerous territories, broadcasted 2014’s Super Bowl matches.

    What makes it so unique? Super Bowl is do-or-die, as it is not like the other football events that include a single-elimination playoff system. It directly declares its champions.

  4. Other reasons that make Super Bowl so special!

    4.1 The Fans

    Oodles of Fans are always eager and delighted to experience the Super Bowl glory.

    4.2 The Emotions

    All the action-packed games of the Super Bowl is a mixture of a rollercoaster of emotions of many fans, and it has been analyzed even the players might feel mood changes.

    4.3 The Commercials

    Many big brands and companies covet for showcasing their ad commercials in the Super Bowl’s advertising space every year. The bizarre cost of $5 million for displaying a thirty seconds ad this year has astonished everyone.

    4.4 The TD celebrations

    NFL believe in over-the-top celebrations as once a player scores a touchdown, they make constant efforts to dilute the amount of celebration.

    4.5 The Showboaters

    While any player scores a Super Bowl match goal, the spectators do not leave any chance accompanying a showboat touchdown.

    4.6 The Novelty Bets

    No sporting event in the world includes more preposterous bets as Super Bowl does.

    4.7 The Water-Cooler moments

    No matter what, the hot-topic on Monday morning, that is the very next day after the Super Bowl event happened, is the only thing on the workforce’s lips and a large group of people. The discussion about the unforgettable moments over the past few years compared to the current year’s event is discussed everywhere.

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