What meanings and symbolism do fruits have?

What are the symbolisms of common Fruits? What does the fruit symbolize?

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  1. 1 Grapes are a symbol of wealth and pleasure

    Vines and grapes often appear in Roman art, symbolizing wealth and pleasure. For Christians, grapes and wine are a symbol of the blood of Jesus, while for Israelites, they represent new life. See what meanings and symbolism birds have.

  2. 2 Oranges represent fertility and good fortune

    In China, oranges are eaten on the second day of the New Year for good fortune. In Christian imagery, infant Jesus holds an orange, representing fertility.

  3. 3 Pomegranates are symbols of life and death

    Ancient Egyptians left pomegranates as food for the dead, while in Greece a pomegranate is broken at weddings and on New Years as a symbol of fertility and abundance.

  4. 4 Apples are linked to knowledge

    Apples symbolize peace, wisdom, knowledge, love, youth, marriage and immortality. Healthy white teeth are also linked to apples. An apple tree is seen as a doorway to the afterlife, especially for the Celts.

  5. 5 Figs symbolize femininity

    The fig tree and its many-seeded fruit symbolize fertility which are linked to femininity. Romans considered figs lucky or unlucky depending on whether they were light or dark.

  6. 6 Bananas are linked to wisdom

    The banana's botanical name is Musa sapientum or 'fruit of the wise men'. Alexander the Great encountered sages in India who lived entirely on bananas. According to the Qur'an, bananas are a forbidden fruit in paradise.

  7. 7 Cherries symbolize feminine sexuality

    In China, cherry color of the lips is considered a quality of great beauty. In Western culture, cherries are linked to feminine sexuality; 'eating cherries' is a euphemism for sex. In Japan, samurai warriors associate their lives with that of a cherry tree and often meditate beneath it.

  8. 8 Plums are a symbol of spring and immortality

    In the Far East, the plum is a symbol of spring, as it blossoms between two seasons and represents youthfulness. It was also thought that immortals fed on plum blossoms.

  9. 9 Peaches symbolize female sexuality

    The Taoists associate peaches with virginity and female genitalia. Tao is the Chinese word for peach. In Europe, peach is the fruit of goddess Venus and Hymen, the Roman god of marriage.

  10. 10 Apricots symbolize female beauty and sexuality

    The Chinese associate apricots with women's beauty and sexuality. The eyes of a beautiful woman are often compared to apricot stones.

  11. 11 Fruit in abundance symbolizes prosperity

    Fruit in abundance symbolizes prosperity, wealth and fertility and is an allegory of the Earth.

  12. 12 Dates are a symbol of fertility

    Dates were a symbol of fertility to ancient Egyptians. The date tree is also refereed to as the 'king of the oasis' or 'tree of life'.

  13. 13 Mango represents fertility and good fortune

    In India, mangoes are sacred and represent fertility and good fortune. A legend says that Buddha was given a mango grove.

  14. 14 Fruit symbolizes health and life

    Fruits are full of vitamins and minerals which are important to health and life. Most fruits also contain lots of water, which is essential to life.

  15. 15 Fruit sometimes symbolizes eroticism and sensuality

    Eating fruit conjures associations with eroticism and sensuality.

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