JAN23 Fruit basket What meanings and symbolism do fruits have?

What meanings and symbolism do fruits have?

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  1. Grapes are a symbol of wealth and pleasure

  2. Oranges signify fertility and good fortune

    It is said that the Chinese eat oranges on the second day of New Year for good luck. It also represents fertility, good luck, and prosperity. As per Feng shui, it is said that citrus fruits can remove any bad luck at your place.

  3. Pomegranates are a symbol of life and death

    It symbolizes happiness in the family and good luck for one’s descendants. It is said that Ancient Egyptians devised pomegranates as a portion of food for their dead. In Greece, pomegranate is broken at the wedding and New Years as it is a token of prosperity and fecundity.

  4. Apples are linked to knowledge

    Apples are usually associated with peace, wisdom, good health, love, youth and harmony in one’s home. An apple tree is seen as a doorway to eternity. Red apples are considered very auspicious, and people keep them at their place, especially for peace. (See 12 Health Benefits Of Green Apples)

  5. Figs symbolize femininity

    It is a biblical fruit and is considered to be a sacred fruit. It symbolizes peace & abundance, and its seeds represent fertility which is linked to femininity. However, Romans consider figs lucky or unlucky as per their colour.

  6. Bananas are linked to wisdom

    JAN23 Bananas What meanings and symbolism do fruits have?

    Their botanical name is Musa sapientum which is related to the fruit of the wise men. As per Quran, bananas are a restricted fruit in heaven.

  7. Cherries symbolize feminine sexuality

    As per the people of China, if you have cherry-coloured lips, then you considered to be a quality of great beauty. In Japan, samurai warriors usually mediated beneath the cherry trees as they associated their life with a cherry tree. In Western culture, eating cherries is a euphemism for sex.

  8. Plums are a representation spring and heaven

    Plum is a symbol of spring in the Far East. As it grows between the two seasons, it represents youthfulness. It is also said that immortals served on plum blossoms.

  9. Peaches symbolize female sexuality

    In Buddhism, it is one of the three blessed fruit. In Feng shui, peach is said to be the fruit of heaven as it is also related to the immortal Gods. The Taoists associate peach with girlhood and female genitalia. Peach is always associates with wealth, health, longevity, and abundance.

  10. Apricots express female beauty and sexuality

    As per Chinese, apricots are connected with women’s charm and sensuality. If a woman has gorgeous eyes, they are usually compared to apricot stones. (See What are Some Examples of Green Fruits?)

  11. Fruit in abundance symbolizes prosperity

    If there are plenty of fruits, then they represent wealth, fertility and success.

  12. Dates are a symbol of fertility

    As per ancient Egyptians, dates are considered to be a symbol of fertility. The tree of the dates is also called the king of oasis or tree of life.

  13. Mango represents fertility and good fortune

    As per the Indian culture, mangoes are a sign of fertility and great fortune. People also say that Buddha was given a mango grove.

  14. The fruit signifies well-being and life

    Fruits are an excellent source of indispensable vitamins and minerals that are vital to wellness and energy. There are arrays of fruits that contain a lot of water content which is excellent for your body. They also offer health-boosting anti-oxidants which helps in lessening numerous health problems.

  15. Fruit also symbolizes sexuality and eroticism

    Eating fruits implores association with sensuality and eroticism.

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